3 Reasons Why You Should Choose VPS Hosting


In order to get anything on the Web, it first needs to be hosted on a given server. There are many different types of hosting alternatives that you can choose from, but overall the most commonly utilized types are shared hosting, dedicated hosting and virtual private servers, the latter of which is usually abbreviated VPS. VPS servers are usually referred to as the ultimate hosting variant due the many advantages that they have over the other two hosting options. In this article we are going to touch upon some of these benefits and give you 3 reasons as to why you should definitely consider choosing VPS servers over shared hosting and dedicated instances.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose VPS Hosting

They are infinitely scalable

Scalability refers to VPS servers’ ability to expand endlessly in order to meet your requirements. But what exactly do we mean by expanding limitlessly? Most hosting plans come predefined and include a set amount of active memory, storage and processing power that you cannot change. The only option in this case is to change your hosting plan and go for a more expensive option. However, you might not end up using all of these additional server resources, meaning that you will ultimately be paying more for something that you are not fully utilizing.

VPS servers make sure that this will not be the case as each server has the ability to not only expand but also be downgraded in accordance to your requirements. Having more visitors on your website and cannot cope with all of this incoming traffic? Just add more processing power and active memory and your problems will be fixed – there is no need to switch your plan! The same applies if you suddenly see a massive drop in online activity which might be caused by seasonality for example – just remove what you are not using and start paying less!

Alternative payment methods accepted

Some providers have started offering services such as Bitcoin VPS, which allows their customers to pay for their servers using cryptocurrencies. This enables them to remain completely anonymous while also preserving their privacy as much as possible.

Additionally, using these alternative payment methods allows for much cheaper international transactions, which is quite beneficial if you are intending to purchase a server from another country.

Finally, paying with crypto allows you to conduct payments even if you do not have access to traditional transaction-conducting methods such as baking or PayPal.

Full control over your server & possible VPN server conversion

With a VPS server you have complete SSH root access to your server, allowing you to manage it as you like. This makes you capable of directly installing additional software to your server, which can be helpful when it comes to managing it or your website or web application’s operations and database.

Also, having a virtual private server makes it possible for you to create your own VPN server. But why is this useful? Many VPN providers claim to be protecting your privacy and not collecting your data, however, in recent years there have been multiple instances where such claims have been disputed and the exact opposite has been proven. If you want to truly protect your privacy and make sure that your provider is not keeping any logs of your online activity, why not create the VPN server by yourself? All you need is a VPS server and an open-source VPN protocol.

We hope that this article has been helpful and has really brought the advantages of virtual private servers to the forefront, allowing you to make an educated choice when it comes to choosing a hosting type.

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