3 Steps to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep


Before digging out those three steps, it’s necessary to know why you need to convert Apple Music to MP3 format. It is because Apple Music only permits the download of your favorite music in a protected format. And, this encryption means you cannot play Apple music on any other music player. That’s why to keep listening to your favorite soundtracks; we need to make Apple Music accessible to other players. It can only be possible by converting Apple Music to MP3 format to enjoy it on MP3 players wherever we are.

3 Steps to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with Spotikeep

As far as converting Apple Music to MP3 format, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter seems the most recommended and best option to consider.  Without speculating conspiracies, let’s find out more about how SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter works.

Do Apple Music Supports Download Music in MP3 Format?

The answer to this question is no. In actuality, Apple Music appears as the leading music streaming application having millions of users serving them with a collection of renowned artists’ songs, albums, and podcasts. You can enjoy Apple Music on your electronic gadgets like Apple TV, Apple Watches, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Besides Apple-certified devices, android phones, PC, Sono, and Echo are also allowed to play Apple Music.

However, the irony is that Apple Music playlists come with ACC (advance audio codec) embedded in mp4 format. Thus, owing to the protected music files, owners of MP3 players couldn’t play downloaded Apple Music on their devices. So, if you own devices not compatible with Apple Music, check out for outsourced software to get MP3 downloads from Apple Music.

How to Convert Apple Music to MP3?

Here, we introduce a step-by-step guide to help you convert Apple Music to MP3 format while using SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter. It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or pro at converting Apple Music to MP3; a converter tool should have a safe user interface. You can convert Apple music to MP3 with SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter in 3 step process.

Step 01. Launch the Converter

To begin Apple Music to MP3 conversion, first download and install the updated version of SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter on your Windows PC and Mac.

>> Download on Windows

>> Download on Mac 

After installing, Apple Music Converter automatically synchronizes with iTunes to get your music playlists. It is important to mention that keep iTunes turned on to make sure the syncing of SpotiKeep with playlists on your computer.

3 Steps to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep

Step 02. Select Music to Convert

Now, you will see the content of Apple Music playlists on the upper-right panel of the converter interface. Next is to select down what your favorite Apple Music playlist is among the content. The SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter also endorses batch music file conversion to appease your music enthusiasm.

3 Steps to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep

After selecting files to convert, you can also look for output preferences settings present on the lower panel. Here, there are options for bitrate, output folder, sample rate, and coder to get it adjusted as per your preferences. Interestingly, the output format is already preset to MP3, so you don’t have to worry about that at least.

3 Steps to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep

Moreover, in the metadata section, you can freely change the song title, album list, artist’s name, attributes, and whatever you want with ease. You can observe these metadata changes in the converted Apple Music songs.

3 Steps to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep


Step 03. Convert Apple Music to MP3

After adjusting each setting option, press the “Convert” button at the bottom-right corner to tap.The conversion process of multiple Apple Music files appears on the “Converting” menu.

3 Steps to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep

Once the conversion finishes, you can search for the converted Apple Music files by clicking the “Finished” tab.

Here’s the video tutorial of how to convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep.


About SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter

Developed by SpotiKeep Tech, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is undoubtedly the best and most reliable conversion tool to get an uninterrupted dose of your favorite Apple Music playlist. You can have a lifelong experience of your favorite Apple Music tracks without any restricted format and need of authorized Apple devices. What truly amazes us is the programming of the SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter to ensure error-free conversion effortlessly. Let’s look more into the amazing features of the Apple Music Converter to understand its functionalities.

Features of SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter

* Convert Apple Music to Local Music Files

You can freely convert Apple Music mp4 playlists into accessible audio formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC, AA3, AU, and AIFF. Thus, even after withdrawal from the Apple Music subscription, you still can listen to your favorite music on the go.

* Maintain Audio Quality and Metadata Information

Looking for the best Apple Music Converter offering the same sound quality as the topmost music streaming app, SpotiKeep is a must-have tool. SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter makes MP3 conversion easy and also provides a seamless listening experience. Still, with no loss of quality, you have the authority to adjust microelements to get things more convenient.

Apple Music Converter can also identify ID3 tags and metadata info when you pick any music track on Converter. Otherwise, you can edit information and, the output converted files will automatically save those changes.

*  Spontaneous Sensing of Apple Music Songs

Interestingly, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter comes in sync with iTunes. Therefore, you do not need an account to sign up for the Music Converter. It makes the conversion process super-fast with a clean background and hustle-free programming. It is worthwhile to mention that Apple Converter also eliminates the need to download playlists on the program. All in all, Apple music Converter offers at least 10times faster speed in converting Apple music to MP3 format.

* Pricing of SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter

You can have this incredible Apple Music Converter on your hands; there is a 30-days free trial available before going to a paid subscription. One month costs 14.95$, a year subscription costs 34.95$, while a lifetime subscription comes at 79.95$. The good news is all plans offer the same unlimited conversions with free upgrades available.


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