3 Things You Didn’t Know Your MacBook Could Do

If you own a MacBook Pro, you should consider yourself lucky. Well, the reason is that there are several distinctive options and features that the other Windows users don’t enjoy. 

It doesn’t matter what operating system you are running on your Mac. It is just that if you have one, you should know about those hidden features and shortcuts that will enhance your Mac experience. 

3 Things You Didn’t Know Your MacBook Could Do

Before starting with the features, let us talk a little about one concern that most people have before buying a MacBook. People avoid having Mac devices because they think that Mac repairs and replacements cost too much. 

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Coming back to the topic now, below we are going to discuss some fantastic Mac features that you need to know about:

1. Spotlight

With each new version of macOS, this feature keeps getting better. Just with a simple keyboard shortcut, you can open the spotlight easily and believe it or not, and you will be shocked to see the results once you open it. 

To switch it on, all you need to do is to press command-space, type SA, and then press the return key. With the spotlight, it will be easier to search for your documents and important files that you have lost track of. 

2. Screenshot Specificity

What happens when you want to take a screenshot of some particular portion of your laptop? Usually, you don’t have such an option. Instead, you need to take a screenshot of the whole screen. 

Conversely, with the MacBook, it is a little different. If you want to take the screenshot of some specific information or portion of your screen, use the shortcut- “Press command + shift + 4”. 

Once you do this, a crosshair will appear. Then, you can grab the crosshair and move it to any part that you want the screenshot taken of. 

3. Signing Documents

Has it ever occurred to you if you could sign a document online using your laptop? If it never did, now is the time to know that you can easily do that with your MacBook. 

Yes, you can sign your name at the end of a document quickly with your MacBook. However, for doing so, you first have to save your signature on the preview app on Mac, and then, you can put it anywhere on any document that you want to. 

The Final Words:

So, these are just three features that we thought you should know about your Mac device. There are a lot more others that will make you fall in love with your Mac device. 

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