Even though today’s online traffic is bending more towards shorter forms of content, blogs still enjoy a firm foothold.

3 Tips to amp up your Blog Engagement rates

As per statistics, companies that blog more have 55% more visitors on their website.

That’s because blogs are still unrivaled when it comes to quality lead generation.

A certain user who goes through a majority portion of your blog is genuinely interested in that subject area, as well as your product.

However, these days the internet is going through a period of content explosion, having extravagantly more content than readers.

This has rendered a severe blow when it comes to increasing and maintaining engagement rates through blogging.

Here are a few tips that will help your counter this web content explosion and achieve your desired blog engagement rates.

Write less Promote more

Currently, there are roughly one billion blogs on the internet. 

If we consider a hypothetical situation, that the whole population of the world uses the internet (roughly seven billion), then we would have one blog for every seven people.

This clearly implies that there’s not a dire need for new content on the web

 Primarily focusing on new content won’t do much for your business’s online reach and engagement numbers.

Instead, it’s more lucrative to get creative with your existing content and try to repurpose it in every new way possible.

To be precise, start repurposing your blog into relatively shorter and more intuitive forms of Digital Marketing content like infographics, videos, etc.

A highly persuasive reason to repurpose your long-form content is the diminishing levels of patience among today’s social media crowd.

Due to the excessive availability of web content today, there is a stark decrease in the levels of genuine interest in informative blogs amongst today’s social media users.

An average social media user today is highly interested in consuming useful content but does not wish to spend a considerable amount of time for it.

Therefore your strategy should be to create the initial level of engagement, regarding your blog content at first.

Then you can provide a link to your blog at the end of your video or infographic content.

In this way, you can gather quality traffic that is genuinely interested in your blog.

Creating a hype

As shortly mentioned above, the excessive availability of content over the internet is gradually becoming an issue for digital marketers.

Lead generation and engagement rates are getting harder to maintain as the consumer now has limitless options that he can choose from.

So what’s the best possible way to release your new content in such circumstances?

The best possible way is quite a straightforward one too.

It’s called repetitive exposure.

If you really want your content to succeed nowadays, it almost imperative to create a staggering hype before its release.

Make a social media posting calendar, specifically for a particular piece of content and create social media posts that are related to that content.

Start posting daily on social media about your content release details till the date it’s finally supposed to release.

You can easily, mechanise the whole process though your marketing automation software.

In simple terms, if you can manage to create an overexposure regarding your content, it can definitely affect your lead generation and engagement.

That’s because your social media followers would be highly interested to finally consume the content that you have extensively promoted for those many days.

Stick to the Core

Marketers seem to have distracted from the actual purpose for which they create and promote blogs.

What is the primary driving factor behind your audience eliciting a blog?

It is and has always been to learn something new or gain a different perspective regarding a certain topic.

A blog will immediately lose its worth if it’s created in a manner in which other shorter forms of content are created.

In other words, your blog would always become a turn-off, if it just portrays information/ uses or a promotional form of content regarding your products, without providing some real concrete value to your consumer.

Therefore, you should never start creating your blog with a mentality of product promotion.

Instead, conduct thorough research about the topic that you are writing for and try to contribute something new in that area, through your blog.

The key to a successful blog is to engage your customers with a new insight first and then implicitly promote your product in the process.

Wrapping up…

The overall take away from the above-mentioned points is that you have to tweak your blogging strategy in accordance with the current preferences of the customer. But, it’s also essential to never ignore the real reason why blog content has been such a hit among online customers.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.