3 Ways to Effectively Promote Your App on the App Store


With 1.85 million Apple apps and 2.56 million Android apps, mobile users have an abundance of apps available to download on their smartphones and tablets. Still, the app market is rising rapidly, and new apps appear every day.

3 Ways to Effectively Promote Your App on the App Store

Businesses found apps to be highly valuable for their work. Every company offering services or products should have one. They will most likely benefit from developing an app if they have customers. Android has more users, but iOS users have higher spending power. That’s why it’s wise to have both versions developed.

The best way to develop an app is to hire a professional company. Whether we’re talking about an iOS app development company or an Android development company, you must hire one that will create something flawless. Once this is done, the true struggle begins, and that’s to promote your app to users.

In this article, we’re sharing the three main ways to promote your app in the app store. Follow up and see what you need to do.

1. Try ASO – App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the way to promote your app in-store. When users search for a particular app to help them with their needs, they’ll write a keyword. If your name is similar to this keyword, you’ll get selected first. Aside from this, there are other ways to achieve ASO – improved ranking, positive reviews, listing visuals, etc.

2. Advertise the app on social media

Social media is a powerful medium. Facebook has billions of active users, and going viral means being seen by many people. All you need to do is set a fan page and start posting interesting and engaging content. With dozens of popular social networks, one of them might be enough to make a difference.

Consider the option to use paid advertising too. There’s no greater consumer market than social networks, and having the chance to reach them can be highly valuable for your project.

3. Optimize your website for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is used for nearly anything on the internet right now, so why not use it in your favor too. Set up a web page representing the app, and spend some time optimizing it for search engines. Reaching a high position for particular keywords connected with the app means getting a lot of potential customers.

Once you reach the first few positions, you’ll get many visitors. Place a link to your app located in the app store, and voila, your app is popular and getting downloads.


It’s hard getting through the competition when apps are in question. There’s no doubt that you need to dedicate yourself to the task. Choosing multiple tactics is the best. Use all three from this list to ensure that you’re doing a great job.

Before launching the app in the app store, think about the name and the choice of the keywords. You don’t have too much space, so choose wisely. Then advertise yourself in search engines and social networks, and hope for a blast.

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