365 Threat Monitor Review


Sometimes the most damaging hack, malware or cyber threat comes from the most unlikeliest of places- your business email. It’s easy to set up protection against attacks, but a single email click can mean the difference between thousands of dollars of lost revenue and a safe, threat-free environment.

365 Threat Monitor Review

Enter 365 Threat Monitor, an app that works to keep your Office 365 healthy, cyber-attack wise and has several useful features for businesses both big and small. Check out our 365 Threat Monitor review below.

What is 365 Threat Monitor?

365 Threat Monitor is made by Hornetsecurity and works exclusively for Microsoft Office 365, specifically all the emails.

It’s a tool that guarantees all business emails go through a security net to detectspam, possible malware attacks and viruses, among others. Microsoft 365 admins will want to have this installed as soon as possible in order to cover threats in the email department.

The premise is simple- you sign up for an account on the 365 Threat Monitor page, then download the app. It’s available on Google Play Store and the App Store, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

How Does 365 Threat Monitor Work?

After signing up with your Microsoft 365 administrator email, the cyber security tool activates and scans all incoming emails.

You might be surprised to learn that nearly every kind of cyber threat can come from email. Some examples include spyware, ransomware, malware and the requisite virus and others.

Emails are checked as they go into the user mailboxes. Once spam, phishing and ransomwareare detected  you get real-time alerts when there’s a security breach detected – then you can instantly delete the threat

In the world of email, hackers usually play tricks on employees to believe that the email they receive are real. It could be an email pretending to be someone from their bank or a popular company, asking for help or further credentials. These emails often evoke a sense of urgency, saying you have to take action or your credit card or online account will be cut off, for example.

365 Threat Monitor mitigates the curiosity of human nature.

Features of 365 Threat Monitor

Dashboard and Security Reports

Business owners and admins get every relevant data organized in one easy-to-read dashboard. Security reports and statistics can be viewed right in your smartphone through the app.

Powerful Email Protection

Aside from the security screen 365 Threat Monitor has you also get forensic analyses, threat defense and email live tracking. All emails pass through integrity verification, authenticity verification, heuristic filtering and harmful content scan.

Real-Time Alert and Detection

Microsoft 365 admins get real time and notifications whenever a ‘red flag’ comes up.

This includes alerts from receiving unwanted ads, spam, targeted attacks on your HR department or CEO, phishing and spoofing sender identity. The usual slew of spyware, viruses and ransomware can be deleted as soon as they arrive on the employees’ inboxes.

Is 365 Threat Monitor Worth It?

Businesses who can’t afford a cyber attack should take a proactive stance and protect their email inboxes from these digital menaces.

What’s great about 365 Threat Monitor is how it’s easy to use- just download the app to get notifications, then enter your businesses’ email address on the official 365 Threat Monitor website.


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