4 Benefits of Hair Transplant Technology


Hair transplant technology has made leaps and bounds when it comes to benefitting patients. They can look forward to the 4 benefits outlined below.

4 Benefits of Hair Transplant Technology

Natural Appearance

The best hair restoration surgeries will produce nothing short of a miracle in terms of appearance. Experts such as Andreas Kraemer can transform balding or thinning spots into a thick and healthy head of hair.

Best of all, no one would suspect you’ve had a hair transplant and you can gain absolute confidence that it will last a long time.

A More Permanent Solution

Hair surgery transplants are more permanent solutions in that you don’t have to do anything else after the procedure is done. They’re far better than having to wear a wig or taking topical products and creams, for example.

Hair weaving can be done for individuals with mild hair loss. The outcome is a more natural appearance, and it can’t be taken out as quickly due to the follicles being grafted surgically. While it’s true that there are risks and side effects of hair restoration surgeries the benefits far outweigh them.

More Cost-Effective

Hair transplant technology is more cost-effective compared to other hair restoration solutions. The patient only has to pay for the transplant per session, and most of them are completed in only a few appointments.

Anesthesia is used for hair surgery, and either FUE, or follicular unit extraction or FUT, or follicular unit transplantation is used depending on the patient’s condition and preference. The doctor can also use a direct hair implantation method where they use a device called Choi to remove and insert the follicles to where it needs to go.

Low Maintenance

Hair transplants are one-time solutions to get a head full of hair. Incidentally, technology has made it such that you will have natural hair follicles growing in thin spots. This means there’s no need to supplement with a special shampoo or attend hair stylist appointments once the procedure is done.

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