4 Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converter [Latest Update 2021]

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform worldwide. Every day, every hour, Youtube serves many human purposes: entertainment, learning, self-development,… One of them is listening to music as all singers, whether mainstream or underground, from pop to indie, … all post their music on Youtube to find an audience. Therefore, fans can easily listen to their idols’ songs without paying fees like other streaming platforms.

However, listening to music on Youtube also causes quite a lot of inconvenience. The first is to have an internet connection. Second, users who don’t subscribe to premium won’t be able to use YouTube in the background, which means you’ll have to keep the screen open while listening to music. This both consumes battery and causes inconvenience when travelling.

4 Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converter [Latest Update 2021]

And Youtube to MP3 Converters was born to solve the above problems. With just a lightweight tool, you can easily download and store your favourite songs on your device for offline listening.

1.   Ythub

Ythub is one of the most popular Youtube converters today. With high technology and a simple interface, Ythub allows users to convert and download their favourite Youtube videos easily.

In addition to supporting converting Youtube video to mp3, Ythub users can also cut audio & video files without any supporting software.

Another unique feature of Ythub is that it supports a lot of video and audio formats. Users will have more options when converting and downloading videos. In addition, you do not need to sign up for an account or pay any fees to use their essential services.

The steps to install and use Ythub are also straightforward. You just need to open the browser on your device, visit the Ythub website. Then find the video you want to convert and select the desired options. Click Download Button, then wait a bit, and it’s all done.

Ythub Key Features:

  • Youtube videos search
  • Youtube to MP3 Converter
  • Youtube Playlist to MP3
  • Youtube/Audio Cutter

2.   Youtube Downloader (YTD)

Youtube Downloader (YTD) is a popular tool for many people because of its many features and ease of use. YTD downloads and converts videos from the world’s largest video-sharing platform easily. In particular, users can download videos even when the Internet is not stable. YTD helps users keep their downloading process and will resume when the InternetInternet is stable. Thus, users will not waste time downloading from the beginning.

In addition, YTD also allows downloading videos from other popular social platforms such as Facebook and Dailymotion.

YTD Key Features:

  • Allows downloading videos on multiple platforms
  • No charge
  • Convert and download videos quickly
  • Easy-to-use

3.   FreeDownloadHq

FreeDownloadHq is also a rising name in the converting and downloading videos industry. As a web-based platform, FreeDownloadHq offers unique features that are not inferior to installed software.

  • Support 15+ file formats
  • Support highest video resolution
  • Free of charge

FreeDownloadHq is gradually becoming the top-of-mind of many users because of its convenience. There is no need to sign up for an account, no hidden costs, no software installation – all video downloads and conversions are quick, completely secure, and anonymous. Now, users can download and convert videos without worrying about viruses or costs.

Another highlight is that FreeDownloadHq offers unlimited download & convert Youtube videos. That is, users can convert and download all the videos they want in one visit. And all these services are entirely free.

In addition, FreeDownloadHQ works well with MP4 format and supports most other popular video formats like MOV, 3GP, OGG, FLAC, WMV, MP2, ACC, WMA, FLV, and AVI. Not only that, but users can also use FreeDownloadHq to create GIFs from Youtube videos easily.

FreeDownloadHq Key Features:

  • 15 file sizes and 7 video formats are supported
  • Ads-free
  • Free of charge
  • Work well on all devices: Android, iOS and Windows.

4.   aTUBE Catcher

Converting and downloading Youtube videos quickly is the strength of aTube Catcher. And this is what makes aTube Catcher one of the most popular converters today.

Besides, aTube Catcher also supports many other popular formats. Users can easily convert and download videos in FLV, MPG and AVI formats. In addition to those formats, aTube Catcher is also the perfect choice for gamers or game programmers. It supports both PSP formats and makes storing files into gaming consoles easier than ever. Currently, very few converters can do this.

aTube Catcher KEY FEATURES:

  • Support many video formats
  • Convert and download videos quickly
  • Support video resize
  • Supports Blu-ray & PSP format
  • User-friendly interface


I hope this article has helped you understand the four best free Youtube to MP3 converters. Each tool has its strengths. Therefore, to find the most suitable means, you should consider the purpose of use and the video format you want to convert.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions.