4 Computer Viruses You Need to Get Rid of Right Now


Computer viruses can damage your PC to its core. Unless you have an antivirus installed on your computer, you can’t get rid of these germs. Some of them have unique properties and would destroy your computer bit by bit. Many IT experts recommend formatting the computer to remove all the viruses. While that is a sensible option, you also need to understand that the computer contains sensitive data. If you can’t afford to lose that data, you will need to look for alternate options to fix the problem.

4 Computer Viruses You Need to Get Rid of Right Now

Like bacteria and viruses that make people ill, there are viruses that can slow down your computer also. Here are some of the most common computer viruses that you may encounter:

1) Resident virus

A resident virus infects the memory of your computer. You will see strange files and folders popping up; some of them have bizarre names. The problem with a resident virus is it doesn’t go away. Even if you try to remove that folder permanently, it won’t delete. This is also a widespread virus found in laptops. Thankfully, you can enlist the services of laptop repair London and let the experts figure out how to get rid of this virus.

2) Web scripting virus

You may know how to use hyperlinks in MS Word. Similarly, websites use codes to offer engaging content to its viewers. Hackers are very slick while introducing a web scripting virus. They leave a comment with the virus code on the video you usually see on various social networking sites. These videos create their own codes. But there are high chances of hackers overriding this code with the virus code to hack the site or profile.

3) Browser hijacker

This is one of the most dangerous viruses existing in the world of computers. Have you noticed that whenever you open your home page on your computer, it redirects to a secondary site? This is something very common among ransomware hijacks. The computer screen may become dark, and you see a ransom message on the computer asking for massive amounts of money. They also threaten to share your personal details unless you pay the ransom publicly.

Website ads are probably the gateway to these ransomware viruses. They have the ability to cease your computer virtually. You won’t be able to see any file, folder, or documents. The moment you switch on the computer, it will show the ransom message.

4) Macro virus

This virus travels inside a word document that usually links the user of the computer to a porno website. Melissa, an infamous macro virus, prevailed even a couple of years ago. These viruses can copy the contents of the word document and mail copies to everyone in your email list. So, once they open the document, their computer will also get infected with a similar micro virus.

A computer virus can create havoc on your PC. The most common sign is the computer slowing down or the programs taking too long to respond. In such cases, get in touch with an IT expert to remove these viruses as soon as possible.


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