4 Creative Ways to Reach Into Your Online Community


Today, the whole of the Internet relies only on one force, and that is networking. The huge social networks that are being bought out just each day has truly been a supporting factor for people to grow their businesses and do social marketing for the same. Some networks have been hugely popular especially people of the younger age groups. But, these are just the preview of what people are just talking of. People of all age groups equally enjoy social networking that is not just beneficial for your business growth but helps one to socialize too.

4 Creative Ways to Reach Into Your Online Community

Instagram is a social media network gaining popularity worldwide because of its exciting features and extreme ease of use. Like Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking Instagram is also absolutely free and can be connected from iOS and Android devices. The picture is the soul of Instagram and can only be uploaded from the user’s device. Instagram is fun, safe, secure and fast. Some users seek to purchasing real Instagram followers for creating an impressive profile on Instagram.

Significant followers on Instagram

Regardless of the type of user such as personal, professional, business, etc. almost every Instagram user is aware of the significance of followers from the very first day they open their account. Followers play a vital role in providing the spot in the crowd. The number of followers is directly proportional to the fame, appreciation, brand identity, trust, etc. and hence it is quite natural for the Instagram user to keep an eye on the number of followers.

4 Creative Ways to Reach Into Your Online Community

Since its introduction, Instagram has been very effective in targeting a large audience and thus considered as a useful tool for marketing brands across the globe. Brands with extensive followers automatically gain the trust of the audience and consequently enhance business growth. Thus, every business irrespective of the size and nature tries to improve their followers’ number for brand promotion.

How do you reach into your more followers on Instagram that help you to strengthen the relationships? Here are four suggestions.

1  Personally contact individual members. When people leave comments on your post, they’re giving you permission to contact them. In our ultra-spammy age, this requires a great deal of trust. Never abuse this by sending obviously unsolicited pitches, but I think you can feel free to make an initial “thank you” contact via comment.

2.    Highlight great comments in a future post. Occasionally someone leaves a comment that is worthy of being its own post. They’ve taken the time to contribute to the discussion in a way that might need more attention than being buried in a long, threaded discussion.

3.    Turn a question back to the followers. There are two big advantages to this: 1.) You get to pass the buck temporarily on a tough question, and 2.) People are generally rather opinionated and love weighing in.

4.    Highlight the accomplishments of other Instagrammers. In other words, when you notice someone in your niche doing something great, admire his/her work and leave a thoughtful comment on the post.

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