4 iOS Apps to Improve Your Shopify Sales


Shopify has become one of the go-to platforms for online retail. An article by Forbes highlights how the provider’s revenue grew by 96% in the third quarter of 2020, generating $5.1 billion (18.73 billionد.إ) for their merchants across the globe.

4 iOS Apps to Improve Your Shopify Sales

The platform is known to have revolutionized e-commerce, offering end-to-end services from billing to shipping. Moreover, AskMoney’s report on Shopify explains that the reason many sellers are using the platform is because of the many benefits it provides. It helps connect merchants to customers by making their stores more accessible – even supporting the production of goods and dropshipping to lessen the hassle of operations. The platform also has a multitude of tools that sellers can make use of to boost their sales. This includes Shopify’s search engine optimization tools that increase blog traffic, support for Google and Facebook campaigns, as well as the point-of-sale system that allows for online payments during physical transactions. Merchants also have the freedom to customize their stores through personalization or third-party applications that make selling even more efficient.

Shopify allows sellers to sell online, and there are now several apps that you can use in conjunction with the platform to boost your e-commerce sales.

Here are a few of the best apps that will improve your Shopify sales:


Omnisend generates leads for potential customers and automates your store’s email and SMS marketing campaign. This helps boost your store’s visibility and creates more traffic that in turn, increases your sales. Automation gives storeowners the free time to focus on the aspects of selling that require a human touch. With an app like Omnisend, you will be able to do so without going through the tedious motions of creating a list of viable clients and sending emails and texts one by one.


Pop-ups are an integral part of marketing within your e-commerce platform and are a great way to generate more sales and traffic. With Personizely, you can create targeted pop-ups based on a customer’s history, location, and even the products they have in their cart. You can lessen cart abandonment by showing first-time buyers codes they can use upon checkout or flashing a free shipping banner for totals above a certain amount. You can even use pop-ups to show customers other items they might be interested in based on products they have in their cart or have looked at. Using Personizely for your Shopify makes this easier to do since you will be able to set the metrics and create the pop-ups yourself all in one location.


Social media marketing is another important part of being able to grow an e-commerce website. Software architect Thomas Griffin outlines how this helps you find a bigger audience, increase online store engagement, and build social proof. With an app like Instafeed, you can upload your latest products onto Instagram and have them link directly to your shop. It ensures that your content remains fresh and that potential buyers are aware of the products you are currently selling. This application makes it easier to connect your store with social media platforms and allows for better digital marketing overall. This will drive sales by helping you find and engage a new audience that might not have heard of your store otherwise.


Entrepreneur states how customer satisfaction is another necessary aspect of driving sales and one way to do this is by having a live chat function on your platform. If clients are given speedy and actionable answers to simple questions, they are more likely to push through with their transactions since they are more inclined to support a business that pays attention to their needs. Connecting Tidio to your Shopify account will help you manage support tickets and offer an avenue for you to communicate with customers directly from your phone. They also have pre-made templates and offer support in numerous languages, giving your clients a better overall experience when it comes to asking for help.

The recent years have changed consumer habits with, lead analyst for Adobe Digital Insights Vivek Pandya noting how the public are spending less on anything that isn’t essential. This means Shopify stores owners need to work even harder to bring in customers. If you are new to Shopify or are looking to upgrade your store, we hope the above apps prove useful.

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