No matter how hard you try to promote your brand on social media websites, there’s no shortage of negative feedback. There’s no one who will guarantee that their marketing campaign will provide 100% positive response. Let’s be honest. There are tons of grumpy people around who complain about everything around them. But they are still your customers, and you can’t ignore their comments. However, they may still hurt your brand’s reputation, especially if they go on a rant on social media. So, how will you manage your brand’s reputation on these sites? Let’s find out.

4 Social Media Reputation Management Tips You Shouldn’t Avoid

1)   Engaging with the audience

Every company makes mistakes. But, it’s how you deal with the reaction from the audience that matters. If there is one in a hundred customers complaining about your service, you can add more followers praising your brand to prove them wrong. Adding followers is easy. Search for a reputable social media service provider that will offer genuine followers. Famoid, for example, is an excellent site that charges a few bucks but provides a massive number of followers for your brand. These followers will comment about how good your brand is so that new customers don’t feel negative about your company.

2)   Know what to monitor

Monitoring your brand’s goodwill on social media is an essential part of reputation management. But what will you monitor? Apart from the direct messages, you also need to monitor popular industry keywords related to your brand, how the audience understands the products your brand sells, if your competitor has a high-profile employee, and so on.

3)   Encourage social reviews

Never back away from facing your customers. Whether it is a good review or bad, if you want to excel in social media reputation management, you should encourage customers to share their experiences on social media sites. If there are negative comments, you should respond to them immediately. Show them your concern, and depending on the issue, you can solve the problem right away or ask the customer to text their details via direct message. This shows that you care for your customers and would do anything to keep them happy.

4)   Scale reputation management

How do you know if the above three tips worked? If you are investing in a social media management tool, you need to scale its performance to keep using the services in the future. Social media reputation management is not just about finding customer complaints and resolving them; it is also about monitoring whether your actions lead to positive results or not.

Starting from social media services to referrals, track down the results for a period, and compare it with its previous time span. This will give an idea about whether your strategies work. And, if they do, what’s the percentage in an increase in sales growth for that period. Small things matter a lot in social media. A step in the wrong direction can lead to a landslide in your brand’s reputation. So, follow these reputation management techniques for better brand value in the future.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.