4 Ways Brands Can Improve Customer Service Via Technology

The founding principle of business is good customer service. A happy customer base is a key ingredient to a successful company. Excellent customer service is more important for small businesses. You don’t have the advertising budget of big businesses, so customer service has to be your hallmark.

Technology has provided many solutions to help businesses enhance their customers’ experiences. It also makes it more cost-efficient to reach out to broader customer bases. There are some key tools that can improve your customer service and help generate customer loyalty. Keep reading to learn what they are.

4 Ways Brands Can Improve Customer Service Via Technology


Did you know that some drones provide customer service? Companies like Walmart, Lowes, and Amazon are already implementing them or working on implementing them in their stores. That’s right, drones aren’t just for military use and recreational flying–they can help improve customer experience.

The question is, what can drones do for your business? In some stores, they’re used to help customers find the items on their shopping list. The store provides the customer with tablets that they can put their shopping lists on. The drone leads them from item to item. That’s a fun and efficient way to shop!

Ringless Voicemail

Your customers need to know what’s going on with your products and services. You also want to keep them informed of any deals that you’re offering. Ringless voicemail is a creative and cost-efficient way to do that.

This feature allows you to alert your customers to new deals and the arrival of new products. You can also use it to remind clients of upcoming appointments and even target new customers. These services are automated and even send text alerts.

Online Courses

No matter how far technology goes, people will always be the most important element of customer service. The better trained your team is, the better their customer service will be.

One way to enhance your customer service is by helping your employees to further their education. Online learning has really become in vogue.

One reason for its growing popularity is the freedom it affords students. They can work full-time, raise kids, and still have a life.

Offering your employees the opportunity to get an online HR management degree will enhance your business. Helping one or two employees to get that degree will shift your whole work culture.

Employees deal with a lot of factors that can lead to stress. They have to manage the expectations put on them, dealing with co-workers, and dealing with customers. Stressed-out workers don’t provide good customer service. Having HR professionals that can handle their grievances–and even counsel them–will boost company morale.

The important thing is that you want to give your employees the opportunity to improve themselves and advance. If you don’t, then someone else will.

Virtual Call Centers

When customers need help with an issue, they want the matter solved in a friendly and speedy manner. Waiting for their calls to be answered, sitting on hold, and dropped calls eventually lead to dropped customers.

You need to be prepared to give solutions and answers to any problems and questions your customers have. Virtual call centers are an ideal solution for that problem.

Virtual call centers are much more cost-efficient and just as resourceful as physical call centers. The money you save on a physical location and the high turnover rate of call center employees pays for itself. Their low cost also makes them affordable for small businesses.

Virtual call centers work the same way physical ones do without the centralized location. The calls are handled by an automated service with troubleshooting capabilities. When the automated system can’t solve the problem, it directs the call to someone who can.

The people element of virtual call centers is made up of remote workers. People love working from home. That means you don’t have a high turnover rate with remote workers that you do with on-premises workers.

Making sure that your customers are happy is the most important key to your company’s success. It’s how you create customer loyalty and generate new customers. The good news is you have technology on your side.