Are you looking for business ideas that are thriving in the age of COVID-19? You have come to the right place.

5 Amazing Business ideas in the age of COVID-19

It’s now more than ever important to ideate business ideas that are recession-proof, COVID-19 has astounded the world for all the wrong reasons. People who are planning their businesses now need a model that is sustainable and can withstand inevitable discrepancies like the COVID.

Businesses that were reliant on uncontrollable forces were always in danger. Uncontrollable forces like overheads on real estate and more.

In this article, you find a collection of business ideas that generating loads of profit right now despite the pandemic.

1. Answering services

Answering services for small business occupies 1st position in my list. During COVID-19 lots of people lost their jobs. An increasing number of people who lost their jobs were the ones whose jobs were bound to get outsourced.

And that is pretty much what happened. As a result, to cut down on expenses more and more businesses were and are looking to outsource answering services to a third-party company. This is where you come to save the day and meet the demand that exists in the market.

Answering services are an amazing business model and the pandemic is making more and more businesses getting used to the idea of outsourcing this microservice which leaves them with more bandwidth to do the job that matters to the business.

2. Online Bakery

We live in a world where pretty much everyone is a foodie these days, having desserts or cakes doesn’t really call for any occasion.

People like to have cakes and desserts here and there. Online food delivery has furthermore made this more accessible than ever before.

If you happened to be a good baker and want to delight people with a sweet tooth then this is the perfect business opportunity for you.

Online tools like Google My Business Listing and social media make it easier to market your online bakery and position yourself as a brand at least locally that is.

You being a baker can alone run this business successfully. All you have to do is bake and connect your online bakery with online food delivery partners like UberEats who would come to your doorstep to pick up the delivery and deliver it to the end customer.

3. Freelance Writing

Can you conjure up emotions with words? Do you have a way with words? Let’s face it written content is never dying don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Organizations across the world require an enormous amount of written content and I’m not just talking about blog content writing that’s barely the tip of the iceberg.

Written content is required in terms of web content writing, product descriptions, written reviews, sales copy, scripts, video and podcast transcripts, proofreading and so much more.

With such an enormous demand already existing it only seems unfair to not utilize your talents and make a big buck out of it.

Some of the places you can find some freelance work are LinkedIn, Freelance portals, Referrals.

4. Freelance web developer

Web Development is not a dying field, web development is only evolving and creating more opportunities.

Business on the internet needs an existing to exude their presence; a website is that place where they can do just that. It is the identity of their brand.

Businesses at large require a website, and creating a website is no cakewalk these businesses require a website developer to do so.

A freelance website developer explores such opportunities on professional networks like LinkedIn, Freelance platforms and good work scores him an uninterrupted supply of referrals which gets the work going.

5. Lead Generation Business

Leads! Leads! And Leads!

It is the one priceless thing that any business cannot survive without. Imagine setting up a lead generation business from the confinement of your home and supplying leads to businesses that are in need of that. You can niche down and cater to specific kinds of business.

You can also call this a niche-specific digital marketing agency that picks up specific business and generates leads for their business using various digital marketing methodologies like search engine optimization, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Social Selling.

For example, let’s say you have good working experience in real estate; you know the in’s and out’s. That data puts you in the position to establish a lead generation business exclusively for the real estate industry. You can be the person who generates the most relevant and qualified leads for the realtor.


There are amply of opportunities present in the market right now, in fact, there are more business opportunities now; some have come into existence because of the pandemic. This is not the time to vent. This is your time to own your responsibilities and start a profitable business and capture a sizeable market share.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.