5 amazing Kickstarter projects to make your life better in 2019

Online crowdfunding platforms have already helped many talented people go to a new level with their startups. Bright ideas deserve being invested in, as the projects that appear in the end improve our daily lives significantly. In this article, we selected 5 projects launched on Kickstarter in 2019 that aim to make your daily routine simpler. As a student, you will particularly admire items in the list.

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5 amazing Kickstarter projects to make your life better in 2019

The Hush Iced weighted blanket

They say students are capable of sleeping at any time in any place. But unfortunately, the reaction of your body to stress can be very different. Have you ever had difficulty falling asleep because it was too hot in your room or because the blanket was not comfortable? The Hush team from Toronto has designed a wonderful thin cooling blanket that keeps the right temperature for your body to rest. This item is a must-have for people who need a good warm hug all night long. The Hush Iced blanket helps you to fall asleep faster and get a better night’s rest, which is exactly what every student needs.

An ultra-thin stealth wallet

No matter what your budget is, you are most likely to suffer from bulky, heavy, or worn-out wallets. If you are a man, such a thing irritatingly sticks out of your pocket. If you are a woman, a huge wallet takes all the place in your tiny clutch bag. Besides, you can never find the right card in it. To solve all these problems, designers from Sacramento constructed a super minimalistic razor wallet. It is the thinnest and the strongest wallet in the world that can hold 8 cards and cash. The item is available in black, dark-blue, and dark-grey colors, but it is handy both for men and women. This product may not be cheap, but it is certainly much more durable than any ordinary wallet.

Pacum—a powerful vacuum to save place in your bags

Many students are doomed to regular packing and unpacking. When traveling abroad or visiting parents, your intention is to carry as few clothes as possible. Pacum will not change your habits, but it can certainly make your packs thinner. A portable powerful pump for removing air from vacuum packs, pacum will be of great help to everyone who hates bulky suitcases. The device is very small and comfortable to take along.

IMStick—a magnetic fully-adjustable phone stand

This device is a perfect gift for people who cannot part with their cell phones. At home, in the gym, on the go—there is no chance of dropping your device when you are busy. An intelligent magnetic stick is an adjustable holder that will help you attach your cell phone to any kind of surface. This round thing is made of lightweight aluminium and contains 8 magnets safe for you and your device. The holder also has wires that allow you to attach your phone almost everywhere. As a student, you may find this device very useful.

UVGLO—an incredibly small UV-C LED sterilizer for every kind of surface

Do you worry about your health too much? Cannot get used to dormitory life and keep wiping your devices with a clean cloth? With the UV sterilizer, you can forget about the germs on your laptop or door handle. The device looks exactly like a USB flash drive and starts working as you plug it into your cell phone. UVGLO kills 99.9% of germs in 10-15 seconds. Besides, it is absolutely safe and eco-friendly. Not only for students, but also for office workers and everyone who takes care of their safety can admire the benefits of UVGLO.

It is amazing how digital innovations make our routine easier with every passing year. As soon as you think that all the necessary devices have been invented already, someone finds a way to make them even better. Do not get upset if any of these things do not fit into your student budget. After all, you may need to pay for your fast essay writing service or other tools essential to studying. The good thing is that these and more amazing projects from Kickstarter get more affordable over time. Besides, you can use most of them for many years.