5 Beginner Tips to Gain TikTok Fame

Short-form video social media platform TikTok is now one of the most popular apps in the world, with hundreds of thousands of new content daily. If you’re looking to become famous, or perhaps be a social media celebrity or influencer then it’s definitely an online platform to consider.

Jumpstart your TikTok career by following these 5 beginner tips.

5 Beginner Tips to Gain TikTok Fame

Load Up on Followers

Social media fame is mostly a numbers game- the more followers you have, the more successful you are in people’s eyes. You can leverage your audience count through a ‘snowball’ effect, leading to more followers, views and endorsements.

This means that right from the start your objective will be to gather people who might be interested in the content you generate. This can be done by creating engaging videos and putting yourself out there. Another way to get a massive boost is to buy TikTok followers.

Write Down ‘A-Ha!’ Moments

Brilliant ideas can come at you anytime during the day. If you’re looking to generate unique content, then you should always be ready to take down notes when inspiration strikes.

As for recording these moments, you can rely on a good old fashioned pen and paper or go high-tech, using a recording device or note-taking app. What’s important is that you can take it out quickly and jot down your ideas quickly. Then, you can brainstorm how to conceptualize and produce the best video later on.

Watch Popular and Viral Content

‘Hot’ and ‘popular’ videos have all the makings of what makes good TikTok content. The reason why they generate millions of views is simple- people find them entertaining, funny or informative.

For those who are new to TikTok, watching viral videos will serve as your guide to crafting videos that can do the same. However, it’s recommended that you don’t just do it passively- watch in an active state and take notes on which subject or topics are trending. How did they do it, and what do you need to generate the same content?

Experiment with Filters and Effects

The point of short-form videos is that content should be punchy, with enough details to draw viewers’ attention in. The app even has several built-in filters and effects so you can polish your raw videos and turn them into entertaining works of art.

Don’t be afraid to spend time in editing mode, where you’ll try out different filters and effects to get the one you want. You’ll be comparing, looking to fine tune, optimize and find what works best for the content you have.

Create, Create, Create

You’ll never get anywhere just by standing still. In social media, the more content you create the more visible you’ll be. However, it’s not a matter of quantity as it is paying attention to the quality. Ideally, you’d want to churn out engaging clips at a steady pace to gather an audience.

Also, the more unique your videos the more you can get recognized. Keep that idea book in your pocket and jot down whenever inspiration strikes.