Healthcare mobile apps connect patients to doctors outside the clinic or hospital. It’s a testament to how far technology has come, and improves the lives of those who wish to get medical attention.

5 Benefits of Mobile Apps in the Healthcare Industry

Custom mobile application development has its own set of benefits. Here are 5 things it can do for the betterment of the healthcare industry as a whole.

Real Time Communication

Apart from the modern conveniences of seeing the patient through a camera to diagnose his or her condition, apps can achieve a wide variety of communication methods, from sharing information to consultation and collaboration. These can happen in real time and serve as a timely solution when constant check-ups and monitoring are needed.

Apps are usually on smartphones and tablets, which have both cellular and wifi capabilities. This means the patient just needs an internet connection and the app to see a doctor or healthcare professional.


Apps are primarily front-end platforms that benefit the patient, but they do present a cost-effective approach to healthcare facilities and medical staff as well.

Making an app through a healthcare app development company is bound to open up new pathways, including cheaper consultation fees, overhead costs, doctor prescriptions and more. Patient-wise, they are more likely to sign up through a mobile app if it gives them these kinds of conveniences.

For mobility-challenged people, consultations can now be done face-to-face via teleconferences and online interactions, thereby making it more accessible than ever.

Secure Payment Solutions

Having to get a ticket and wait for your turn to make a payment is an old and obsolete tradition. Nowadays, online apps support a variety of payment options, and healthcare mobile apps are the same.

The usual payment options are offered, e.g., credit card, debit card, bank transfer), as well as new ones such as PayPal, Apple Pay or even cryptocurrency. In terms of paying on time apps can serve to remind patients on the due date and amount so they won’t fall behind.

Payment methods are growing, and they’re tech-oriented as well. Apps can easily integrate it as soon as there’s enough participants to make offering the option worthwhile.

More Accurate Diagnoses

Technology plays a huge role in telemedicine and its improvement, specifically diagnostics and providing better care.

With sensors, big data and cloud services patient diagnostics is getting to the point where the risk of a misdiagnosis is pretty low. Errors are reduced, and doctors and other healthcare professionals are prescribing the correct medicine at the right dosage more than ever. The same goes for monitoring tools and tracking sensors in wearables and devices.

Prescription notes and reports can be saved in-app and shared between healthcare facilities. Medical staff can collect and share them and allow for easier collaboration.

More Opportunities

As healthcare mobile app development thrives the same can be said for the healthcare industry as a whole. Statistics show that mobile app downloads are more popular than ever, and people are getting acquainted with the wonders and conveniences of technology and becoming more conscious of their health at the same time.

mHealth apps are creating new opportunities in both developer, revenue and features aspects, and it can be said that this is just the beginning. The good news is that mobile health apps are just starting to be fully realized, and there are virtually endless opportunities for both healthcare providers and patients alike.

Let’s not forget how technology and mobile apps empower individuals to monitor their health. Wearables, devices and trackers can check heart rate, cholesterol levels, weight, blood pressure and sugar levels, among others and can make timely adjustments to get back into shape.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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