5 Best Apps to Help You Stay Focused When Studying at Home

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
5 Best Apps to Help You Stay Focused When Studying at Home

The idea of studying at home might sound comfortable and appealing, as compared to studying at a library. However, when studying at a library, a student can get motivated just by seeing other students focused on their books and laptops. At home, one might get distracted by their pets or other family members.

If you find studying at home challenging, chances are you might struggle to stay focused. Focus and concentration are two central elements in getting homework done and studying in general. When I lose focus while writing my essay, I will try to find a trustworthy writing service online to write my essay for me.

5 Best Apps to Help You Stay Focused When Studying at Home

Fortunately, a technology designed to help students focus on their studies is thriving. Read on to discover the best five apps that can help you stay focused when studying at home.


This downloadable application is a real solution to focus problems. It works with music tailored to the needs of its users. For example, if you want to sleep or focus on your studies, this app is for you. It is made in a way approved by science and consolidated by rigorous experimentations.

Brain.fm makes one of the best apps to keep students company while studying at home. It creates a very comfortable atmosphere suitable for mental concentration. In order to get a feel of the application, you can explore it using the free trial offered. It will help you decide if it is the right app for your needs. There is no worry about any possible side effects to this app, as its builders have shown scientific evidence behind its creation. Experts in neuroscience and psychology are behind the creation of the app, which makes it safe and reliable.

5 Best Apps to Help You Stay Focused When Studying at Home

Forest: Stay Focused

Do you love plants and trees? If your answer is yes, then you can build a forest of your own. Forest app is probably one of the most effective and fun apps for studentsin the market. Using it feels like a game. It is enjoyable and easy to use.

It works in the following simple way: you choose the time span you would like to spend on some task, for instance, 30 minutes, and you start working until you reach 30 minutes. And, congratulations, you have grown a tree today, thanks to your focus.

What’s amazing about Forest is that through many focus sessions, you will be able to turn your hard work into a land of lush forest.

Take advantage of this app. It is free to use. You can download it to your desktop, add it as a Google extension, or use it as an app on your smartphone. Studying at home is fun while planting trees.

Focus To-Do

Another handy study focus app is Focus To-Do. It is useful not only as a time-management device but also as a task management tool. Basically, using the very app allows you to organize your to-do tasks for the day, week, or month. It makes your to-do list clear, neat and ordered. You can use it to manage your study tasks and keep track of the time spent studying.

This app makes students’ study life much easier. With the time execution you set for each task, you reap the benefits of focus and a great sense of accomplishment. Productivity levels of a student studying at home soar high thanks to the present app. What it actually leads to is efficiency.

Rescue Time

This is one of the apps to help you focus on studying. It is a self-control app for studying. During a study-at-home session, you might get a sense of lack of control over your time. The lack of focus is a common phenomenon among students studying at home.

Rescue time is the right tool to regain control over your time and use it in your study sessions. This is one of the efficient apps to help you focus and waste no time. It fosters students’ daily work goals in a personalized fashion. What makes Rescue Time a unique tool is its ability to measure your focus thoroughly.

It offers a powerful engine for users to understand their time and focus. In addition, the app protects your focus sessions by blocking the sites that are likely to negatively impact your concentration.

5 Best Apps to Help You Stay Focused When Studying at Home


A student might have many tasks to do, which might not be easy to manage when their number increases. A suitable option to help you stay on top of your study tasks in the Todoist app. When you have a clear list of what you will study based on a schedule, things get easier. Getting all of your tasks out of your head and putting them on this app brings you a great sense of clarity. In addition, it prepares your brain for focus and concentration.

Students working at home can gain peace of mind and ensure a flow state while studying using this app as a time and task tracker. Using Todoist helps maintain a certain flow and smoothness when it comes to studying at home. Achieving great results using the app is what many users have reported as testimonies on the app website. So you can give it a try and decide for yourself it works for you.

The app works on all devices, so whether you are using it on your smartphone or your desktop, you can always benefit from what it offers. It has a free version and paid ones that are very affordable if you are planning to maximize your active projects. The free version offers up to 5 active projects. With this app, students can study at home in calmness and clarity of mind.

5 Best Apps to Help You Stay Focused When Studying at Home

These are apps to help focus and take control of your time. As a student working at home, you should be the master of your time. This is achievable through the use of the right app that you feel most comfortable using. The listed apps are among the most sought-after ones in the market to help students enhance their productivity levels.

Studying at home can be challenging. Choosing a helpful app can change your home study life for the better. These focus apps definitely help students supercharge their daily focus. Your focus level is going to skyrocket thanks to the commitment to one of the presented apps.

An amazing benefit of using a time-management app for students is to ensure consistency and getting work done. Without a time tracker, one might abandon the study flow and lose momentum. In order to find out which app is best for you, all you have to do is experiment with the free version of some of them. The focus becomes easily attainable with an app.

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