5 Best Discord Bots to try

Discord is one of the most popular apps these days, especially for gamers. From texting, calling, screen sharing to video calling, Discord lets you do all of it. The fact that the app is highly customizable makes it appealing to the users.

Create a server and add amazing functionalities to it effortlessly. Discord boasts a customer base of 140 million-plus users. Plus, this app started gaining popularity because of the several gaming communities around the world. Be it joining the servers of your interest or creating a server of your own, users can utilize the amazing features of the app.

5 Best Discord Bots to try

After creating a DIscord server, you may be looking for the best Discord soundboards and discord bots. Since there are so many bots out there that can automate the tasks, it gets difficult to spot genuine ones. Here are some discord bots that you must try:

1. MEE6

The first not on our list is MEE6 that performs all the tedious tasks. Set up some rules for your server and let users enter only if they agree to the terms. Moderation tasks like scanning the chats to see if anyone has violated the rules can be done using this bot.

Be it spoilers, foul language or spam, it can be detected easily. Moreover, you can set a time period in which a limited number of violations are allowed per user. If this number is crossed then you can permanently ban the user. Plus, the bot can be integrated with YouTube.

2. Dank Memer

As the name suggests itself, you can share memes with this bot without even having to search for it. You will get meme suggestions while typing the sentence and then you can pick the most suitable one. Along with adding the right meme, you can also create new memes.

Furthermore, this bot offers the users an interesting feature that allows the users to earn coins by gambling, stealing and much more. Also, you can use this currency to get some amazing features from the bot shop. The best thing about the app is that it is free to use.

3. Pollmaster

From complex gaming-related decisions to simple life stuff like which dress to wear, polls are always useful. Create a poll and know what the majority of the server suggests through their votes. Features like anonymous voting, emoji voting and multiple-choice polls make the bot more interesting.

Set a timeline in which the poll will be closed and the votes will be recorded. Not only this but you can also appoint weights to the members of the server. For instance, if someone has an important role in the server then they will get more votes. 

4. Hydra

Hydra is a music bot that has pretty advanced features. Elements like playing the music in the loop, shuffling, replaying, skipping and moving adds to the integrity of the bot. Stream from apps like YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud as well as Bandcamp. Look up the lyrics of the song and also get to know more about the song.

There are amazing admin features like banning certain users, restricting the number of times a particular song can be played and also changing the language. All the basic features are free for users but you have to opt for a plan to access advanced features.

5. Groovy

Groovy is another music bot that has some cool features. Although this bot is relatively new, it has gained popularity rapidly. Queue up songs or skip them easily using this bot. Users can play songs through links, uploads and can also search for certain songs.

Basic features like shuffle, queue, loop and skip are available on Groovy. You can add this bot to your server for free. However, if you want an advanced array of commands then opt for the paid version of the bot.

Final Words

These were the five discord bots that you must try. Utilize such amazing features to make your server a fun place. Create an engaging environment so the users are always interested in what’s going on in your server. Be in control of the server by establishing a set of rules with these bots.