5 Best Essay Writing Apps for the Mac 2022

If writing is your passion, you are surely doing it everywhere. You might write while you commute, while you are waiting for someone, or in your special writing place. Writers have used numerous tools to help them write. From clay to pens and papers and now to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, all helped the writing community evolve and send their messages and ideas to the world.

Today, writers mostly use laptops to write as they are portable and light. And, of course, laptops come with many features and tools that help writers pour their ideas on paper. If you are a writer and you have a Mac, then you are probably looking for writing apps that help you be more productive and efficient. Here is a list of them you can install on your laptop and use to have a seamless writing experience.

5 Best Essay Writing Apps for the Mac 2022


Are you planning to write a novel or a trilogy? Then you know that you have to plan the action, the characters, and the story carefully. Scrivener is an app you can install to your Mac that will help you organize your notes and not only. Writing a novel is a process that requires a lot of attention and good management of all the data and documents. Scrivener can help you do this easily, so it is a must-have. It is great for writers who are planning to write texts longer than ten pages. Diving the story into chapters, including references, and creating notes for the action or characters, all these are possible if you use Scrivener.


If you have not heard about Grammarly until now, it is an app you should have on your Mac. Writing is not about having imagination and creating stories and characters. It is also about conveying your message and ideas in a way that reaches the readers. It is about writing clearly and smoothly too, not only about writing words on paper or in an online document.

Whatever you are writing, it has to be grammatically correct. Indeed, typos and spelling mistakes are natural and happen to all writers. This is why Grammarly would be one of the apps for Mac in 2022 you must have. You just have to copy-paste your text in the app, select your tone of voice and formality level, and then let Grammarly identify grammar and spelling mistakes. It has a lot of features, some of which are available only to premium users, but the free version is good too. If you look for someone to write my essay, you can use Grammarly to check the final draft.


TextExpander is one of the most amazing writing tools for Mac in 2022. It is an app you should have as it helps you automatize some parts of the writing process and save a lot of time. Technology is developing at a fast pace and more and more tools and gadgets that ease our life are created. And TextExpander is one of these tools. As its name suggests, it expands some parts of the text.

 For example, if you write stories, you might use the same outline format for each story. The same goes for essays and other academic papers. You could set some commands for the app and when you type “outline”, an outline should be created instantly. And you can easily start working on the structure rather than creating it from scratch every time.


Rather new to the market compared with other apps, Bear is one worthy of this list. Simpler to use than others, Bear comes with basic features that benefit every writer, no matter their experience level. You can write texts, create blocks, and choose your font and page settings easily. Then, all you have to do is to start writing. Bear has a user-friendly interface that makes using the app easy and enjoyable. The cute bear follows you along the process making it more pleasant.

iA Writer

Last but not least, iA Writer is one of the essay writing apps for Mac you should have. Even though it has gone through major changes in the last couple of years, the app developed into one of the best on the market. It now allows you to easily organize your notes and text, but also highlight specific parts you want to follow.


As a writer or a student who has to write various types of papers, you are probably looking for the best apps that could make the process easier. Writing is not only about writing words on paper or in an online document but about the way you convey the message and reach the readers too. These apps help you write smooth and logical texts, organize your notes, and automatize your writing process. They are all available for Mac in 2022, so what are you waiting for?