5 Best iCloud Alternatives For Storing Data


Cloud storage offers a few unique benefits compared to local or external storage. First, it’s based on the cloud, which means you can access them anytime and anywhere with a device connected to the internet. Data can be automatically backed up and you save time from manually syncing files across your devices. Reliable cloud server services such as VPS Server make VPS an easily deployable platform for computers. For your iPhone or Android, here are some good iCloud alternatives to launch your storage solutions the secure and easy way.

5 Best iCloud Alternatives For Storing Data


SugarSync for the iOS provides speedy transfers, unlimited device syncing and easy share tools so you can hit the ground running. This iCloud alternative offers unique features in the form of advanced backup systems and can function on both personal and business settings. A quick look at the SugarSync site reveals several tiered packages, and a customized one if you didn’t find the choices to your liking. Though there’s no free option, there’s a 30-day trial to get your feet wet.

Google Drive

The official cloud-based storage solution for Google and Android users, GDrive is quite stable and is regularly updated. The Google Drive app allows users to upload any file of any size, which will be available to other users and on any device. It’s great for written content, archived documents and the occasional sharing of videos and photos. G-Drive shines in the document-sharing, where one can upload them and others can edit and make revisions for as much as they’d like.


Acclaimed as the cloud storage king, Dropbox touts one of the most intuitive services on the iOS platform. There’s a free option as well as several tiered price packages if you want more. Both Android and iOS users will be happy to know that they can access their files anytime they want on any device or OS. Users can upload videos, pictures and documents to and from tablets, laptops and smart phones, or back up their essential files from the computer. Moreover, you can get unlimited device data sync via a shared folder technology.

Amazon Cloud Drive

If you have many tools in the Amazon platform, then their cloud drive should be a worthy consideration. With it, you’ll be able to do a backup of your photos, videos, documents and files on any iOS device. You can even play music or videos natively from within, or share them to coworkers, friends and family. However, you’ll need Adobe Flash on your device to get the thing working.


OneDrive is a nice cloud service by tech giant Microsoft. To get it working, iOS users will need to register for a Microsoft account or use their existing Xbox Live or Outlook credentials, which can take a few extra steps. After downloading the app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod, you’ll be able to share, upload or view the most common filetypes, including photos, videos and documents to and from the cloud server anytime you wish. OneDrive has a backup feature and an export option that sends iOS data to the cloud and computer. It’s integrated with Office 365, which can be a boon if you’re using Microsoft laptops and computers to run your business.

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