From flagships with high-capacity batteries to budget entry-level vehicles. In spring, you can get to your office, university, school, or subway station on a folding electric scooter without wasting time in traffic and on clean pavement. Save time and money while enjoying eco-friendly transportation by choosing the best scooter at

5 cool electric scooters worth buying

1. Ninebot KickScooter Max

  • Motor power: 350 W.
  • Maximum speed: 15 mph.
  • Range: 40 miles.
  • Maximum load: 264 lbs.
  • Charging time: 6 hours.

This electric scooter with a color display on the handlebars and 10-inch tubeless tires stands out with a fairly large battery capacity and can go uphill with an angle of elevation up to 15°. The KickScooter Max supports several riding modes, from slow to sporty.

The display shows information about speed, remaining battery power, malfunctions, and Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. With the mobile app, you can lock the wheels of the scooter to protect it from theft.

The KickScooter Max is equipped with electric and mechanical brakes with a recuperation system to recover part of the battery charge from kinetic energy. The front handlebar has a headlight, which comes in handy during evening rides, and the rear fender has a clearance light.

2. Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Pro

Motor power: 600 watts.

Maximum speed: 15 mph.

Range: 30 miles.

Maximum load: 220 lbs.

Charging time: 9 hours.

The scooter is made of lightweight aluminum, equipped with regenerative disc brakes, 8.5-inch inflatable wheels, and E-ABS anti-lock system. The M365 Pro supports three-speed modes.

The steering wheel has a display that shows speed, charge level, fault indicator, and Bluetooth connection activity. Through the mobile app, you can check the battery status, track errors in operation, and lock the device to protect against theft. For safer movement in the dark, the scooter has a front light and a clearance light on the rear fender.

In reviews, customers praise the M365 Pro for its durability, high build quality, fast acceleration, and confident uphill traction with an angle of elevation of up to 20°. The scooter is unlikely to be suitable for children, but when folded, it will not be too heavy a burden for an adult.

3. Tribe Himba

Motor power: 250 watts.

Maximum speed: 19 mph.

Cruising range: 12miles.

Maximum load: 265 lbs.

Charging time: 4 hours.

The Tribe Himba with its aluminum frame weighs about 26 pounds and provides two speeds: 10 and 15 mph. There’s built-in cruise control for automatic speed control. Eight-inch inflatable wheels allow you to ride comfortably on asphalt, tile, and gravel paths in parks.

To move in the dark will help LED light on the handlebars, for safety there is also a reflector on the rear wing. The scooter is equipped with electric and disk brakes for smooth deceleration and the quickest possible stop in an emergency situation.

In reviews, buyers note the compactness, good looks, and softness of movement, but are not very happy with the quality of painting frames and the rear reflector instead of the LED brake light.

4. Kugoo S4

Motor power: 500 watts.

Maximum speed: 25 mph.

Range: 20 miles.

Maximum load: 265 lbs.

Charging time: 4 hours.

The electric scooter with an aluminum frame is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic wheels and disc brakes with a recuperation system. A LED light is mounted in the frame next to the rear wheel.

Kugoo S4 weighs about 35 pounds, so it is not very convenient to move in the subway or on long stairs, as noted by buyers in the reviews. Also, the disadvantages include the lack of headlights in the front – you will have to install them yourself.

They praise this scooter for the quality folding mechanism, the wheels that soften the roughness of the roads, a simple interface board computer on the steering wheel, and the power reserve.

5. Ninebot KickScooter ES2

Motor power: 300 watts.

Maximum speed: 16 mph.

Power reserve: 16 miles.

Maximum load: 220 lbs.

Charging time: 3.5 hours.

The KickScooter ES2 electric scooter with an aluminum alloy frame weighs 27 pounds and is capable of scooting up to 7° slopes. The scooter features front LED and rear clearance lights, as well as a customizable backlight on the base. Its color, brightness, and glow effects can be selected in the mobile app.

The scooter has eight-inch wheels with molded tires, with shock absorbers in the front and rear to cushion the ride. The KickScooter ES2 has a mechanical foot brake for slowing down and stopping, as well as an electric brake with a recuperation system.

Cruise control is provided for long rides. The onboard computer of the scooter displays speed, battery level, operation error indicator, and smartphone connection activity.

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