5 Essential Online Calendar Apps for Entrepreneurs

The modern times are all about digitization. Every day this technology is evolving the very basis of our social fields mainly of business. Though the individuals and companies are keeping pace, some may not be able to do it as efficiently.

Entrepreneurs, however, have been trying to adapt these new trends to fit in since a long time now. But to make the catching up easier, we present you the list of online calendar apps to improve your experience.

5 Essential Online Calendar Apps for Entrepreneurs

Some online calendars like Google Calendar can be a big help not just because you can save your online reservation but also because many of them are accessible on the go from your mobile or tablet. They also have some other cool features, such as to-do lists and sharing that can make your life much simpler to manage your company from one location or another. 

5 Essential Online Calendar Apps for Entrepreneurs
  1. Google Calendar

Google Calendars major benefit is that it connects with other Google products ( i.e., Gmail). Like with other calendars, Google can save and notify you of your schedules and activities, endorse multiple calendars (namely a work and personal calendar), support sharing (i.e. you send your VA access to your business calendar), and make it very easy to attach appointments to your calendar via email. Since it’s so widely known, Google Calendar works with many other productivity apps and software, such as to-do plan apps and booking apps. For instance, you can reserve coaching or other appointments using YouCanBook.me, which are then delivered directly to your Google calendar events.

  1.  Any-Do

The purpose of any.do is fairly straightforward; helping people turn their to-do tasks into calendars. The app accomplishes this mission by displaying a wonderful and clear view of the priorities of your day. This also serves to remind you of your birthdays and helps you to schedule meetings instantaneously. In addition to having your calendar and to-do list in one convenient place, Any.do is also used for assigning tasks, sharing lists, and voice recording. The app is open to all Android and iPhone users, and is free to set up. If you are going to work with a squad, you’ll need to update to Premium.

  1. Cozi

Cozi is a family-friendly calendar that can benefit you while you are managing your children, home and establishing a company as well. It is best if you really need to keep count of the schedule for several people, including your appointments and leisure events for kids. Each family member can have their own timetable, but it can be combined into a single shared calendar that allows you to display the calendars of each in one spot. In order to organize your schedule and to-dos, you can initiate and share lists of foodstuffs and household duties (i.e. ask your spouse to pick up children or milk) and save cooking tips.

  1. Timely

Timely is a versatile tool integrating calendar, time tracking, planning, notifications, banking and financial planning into one extremely user-friendly program. As a bonus, you’ll lower the cost and boost profitability.As for the calendar features, you can link your calendar with Timely to magically import all of your calendar entries from Google Calendar, Outlook, and Office365 as the scheduled time. Pricing ranges between $7 and $59 a month for Upgrade..

  1. Setmore

Do you own a small company in a professional field such as consultancy or beauty treatments? then keep this specially designed scheduling app with you in thought. This is because it allows users to conveniently book their appointments.You may just share your availability and facilities, then choose the appropriate date and time for your customers to work with. Setmore also gives the customers email and SMS updates and can make transactions. And Setmore helps clients to schedule appointments using either the iOS and Android apps to make life even more convenient.