5 Important Features for iPhone Users

Apple is a well-established company, which releases quality updates to stay ahead of its competitors. With the introduction of iOS 13.1 after the release of iOS 13, the user of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 Pro can now benefit from importance features that are much secure, smarter, and fasters.

There are a lot of features such as a gesture-centered quick-path keyboard, blocking unknown callers, and tools to enhance editing experience, among others. Apart from the features mentioned above, the Apple Company has introduced new mapping features that are helpful in enhancing the security of its users.

5 Important Features for iPhone Users

With the mapping tools, iOS 13 users can now use their phones and customize their accounts, which include the customization of avatars. The release of these quality features is stimulated by the evident slow in iPhone sales due to competition from other mobile companies such as Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia.

The competitors have released Android mobile phones that use the 5G network, which means that the recent releases iPhone lags behind in terms of networking connectivity. However, there are other cool features that make iOS the best-operating systems in the market. These are:

  • Availability of iOS 13

The Apple Company released the iOS 13 on September 19, 2019, before releases the iOS 13.1 five days later. By the end of that month, Apple had released its iOS 13.1.2 and is constantly working for more updates to enhance the experience of its users. These updates can be embraced by upgrading your devices to the latest iOS versions. However, ensure you create a backup of your iPhone before installing the iOS 13.

  • Blocking unknown callers
5 Important Features for iPhone Users

Are you worried about unknown people caller you anytime? If you have an iPhone, you can stop them from calling you. This feature is available on iOS 13, which only allows the people in your phonebook to contact you. All the blocked callers will be directed to your voicemail, which is can also be accessible in case you want to find out the people who tried to call you. The iPhone 11 is also equipped with cool security features, such as custom apps and custom accounts.

The manufacturers of this device purposed to protect their users from invaders who might be tempted to track their activities. So, whether you are using your phone to download music online or asking for essay help, your personal information will not be shared with third-party users. The Apple devices pose a constant battle with Android 10 due to their private, powerful, and easy-to-use operating system. Although a lot of mobile phone users own android devices, Apple focuses on establishing a competitive advantage by maintaining its reputation and status in the market.

  • Cool Bluetooth and Wi-Fi selection

Mobile phone users have always anticipated having a means of connecting to Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi networking without going to the settings app every time. With iOS 13, it is now possible to see the available Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices without opening the settings app.

  • Tracing keyboard

There are a lot of third-party apps such as SwiftKey or Swype, which are currently being used by Android users. However, things are a lot better with the iOS 13 since users now have the capacity to trace the words to be spelled. The  iOS users refer to this update as a quick-path typing, which is considered faster compared to the virtual keyboards used in many other laptops or phones manufactured by competitors.

  • The dark mode
5 Important Features for iPhone Users

The iOS 13 has a cool dark mode feature, which replaces the normal light screen. This feature is available in core apps such as music, phone, and calendar. However, the dark mode feature has also been used in many trending phones that use the Android operating system. IOS 13 has more cool features that enhance the experience of users. One of the features is the UI chip, which is a significant internal element available on iPhone 11.

This cool feature powers an ultra-wideband mobile technology. In simple language, this feature helps to identify the exact location of items such as a tracking tag or phone. Moreover, this feature can be used to unlock vehicles. With its capability to determine the duration taken for a short pulse to travel from one device to the other, it can be relied on to tell the specific location of your missing items. Presently, the Apple Company works to develop the Tile rival or the Tracking tag, which focuses on pinging a tag from mobile phones when locating something within a given locality.