5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Media Career


Social media channels have evolved from platforms for connecting with friends and families to job search tools. Social recruiting is here to stay, but many potential candidates are not intentional about how they use their profiles.

5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Media Career

Your social media profiles, especially on LinkedIn can serve as your online CV. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an active or passive job seeker.

 Recruiters usually visit the profiles of potential candidates before inviting them for an interview. Taking this step allows them to conduct a background check, verify candidates’ credentials, and determine whether they are the best fit for each position.

The following mistakes will hurt your career.  

1. Submitting a fake CV

Newbie social media managers often include fake information on their CVs to impress recruiters. It’s safer to use your real names, skills, qualifications, and other personal details in each section of your profile.

Another similar mistake is claiming you work for a fictitious brand in the work experience section. This can limit your chances of landing good social media jobs. There is nothing wrong if you only have internship or volunteer work experience.   

2. Sharing inappropriate content

The type of content you post online can damage your reputation and disqualify you, even if you have the much-needed expertise and knowledge. Such content doesn’t have to revolve around engaging in illegal activities alone.

Your profile shouldn’t be a repository for unverified news or irrelevant content. Rely on emotional intelligence and critical thinking before sharing any piece of content online.

3. Posting negative content about your workplace

There’s hardly anyone that wants to work with someone who oozes negativity. Understandably, many people found themselves in toxic workplaces at the beginning of their careers. The best thing is to leave if you find yourself in such a situation instead of complaining on social media all the time.  

A potential employer may have the impression that hiring you will make them attract undue attention sooner or later. Besides, complaining about your colleagues show that you won’t be a good team player.

4. Engaging in plagiarism

Content creation is an intrinsic part of social media management. A manager without sound writing and editing skills isn’t ready for the marketplace.

It’s wrong to engage in plagiarism on your profile or when working for a brand. In case the need to use content from other sources arises, your best bet is to link back to the source and mention the author.

Social media recruiters are interested in your previous campaigns. It’s better to show the few ones you’ve handled instead of passing off other people’s work as yours.  

5. Sharing tasteless comments

Your comments on your posts and others can either make you attract or repel good jobs. Endeavor to add insightful and uplifting comments to posts.

Even though everyone is entitled to their opinion, do things in moderation when it comes to social issues. If you’re unsure whether a piece of content or comment is inappropriate, keep it to yourself.

Engaging in online drama is a recipe for disaster. That’s why you should be mindful of the people you connect and engage with online. Build meaningful relationships with other social media enthusiasts, mentors, influencers, and anyone who can help you advance your career.

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