The Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming machine in its own right, able to play games on handheld, stand or docked mode and with the included joy-cons. But these 5 must-have accessories unlock its potential and allow you to make the most of your device.

Nintendo Switch Accessories

Screen Protector

Your Nintendo Switch’s display is where the magic happens, and it’s worth protecting at any cost. Fortunately, scratch-proof and tempered glass screen protectors are available and cheap. For just a few dollars you can save your Switch’s screen from dust, knocks and scratches.

USB Extension Cable

Don’t you wish the charging cable included in your Switch is longer? If so, then Cellularize has the perfect accessory for you. It’s available on Amazon and allow you to continue playing on your couch or bed, or hook up to a larger display for full HD detail.

Carry Case

Putting your Nintendo Switch in your bag or purse without a case is asking for trouble. It will get banged up and scratched with your mobile phone, car keys and others. Get your portable game console its own carry case or bag and you’ll greatly extend its lifespan.

More Storage

The Switch can only hold up to 32GB worth of game and saves, and it’s imperative to buy an additional microSD card. You will want to start with 128GB of extra space because the games and updates alone can eat up the internal memory. Get ones that are Switch-compatible or endorsed by Nintendo themselves so you won’t experience issues in the future.

Bluetooth Adapter

Forget the tangle of wires when you want to listen to in-game music or soundtracks with a Bluetooth adapter. With it, you can pair up your favorite Bluetooth headphones or AirPods and enjoy the immersion it can give you. Simply slot it in the USB-C slot or audio jack, turn the Bluetooth audio device on and slip it on your ears.​​​​​​

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