5 New Hacks for your Android Phone in 2019


Android is the most popular and most used mobile operating system in the world. It is only second to Apple’s iOS for iPhone and iPad. However, Android is more than just the large selection of apps it holds in the Google Play Store.

5 New Hacks for your Android Phone in 2019

There are many ways through which you can enhance your Android experience and make your device secure. That is why in this article I have put together fie killer hacks that you should use in 2019. Let’s get started!

1-Track your Android Smartphone if it gets lost

Track your Android Smartphone if it gets lost

If you’ve ever had that little panic attack when you thought you lost your phone, then you must enable Google’s find my phone option. Well, there’s a simple step through which the feature enables on your device. Just go to your phone’s settings:

Apps > Settings > Google

Once you click on Google, a menu will appear, find location in this menu under the services list and click on it. Click on Security, an option to remote access will appear. Turn this on, now if you ever lose your device head over to android.com/find.

2-Make your Device Safer

Make your Device Safer

If your remote location service is turned on, you can make your devices safer by using an inbuilt features that Android phones offer. If you ever lose your phone, you will have the ability to lock your device remotely or even completely erase all the data on your phone.

So if your phone ever gets lost or stolen, you will have the ability to secure your data from any possible threats.

To activate this feature:

Go to Settings >Security >Device Administrators >Android Device Manager.

In case you lose the device; you will have better control over your data. All you have to do is go to android.com/device manager.

Also, make sure you use the best VPN app for Android to enhance your device’s security. A VPN encrypts your data packets and secures your open web communications through SSL certificates. And don’t forget to check out VPN review of different services to encrypt the web traffic leaving your device.

3- Make your Fingerprint Scanner extremely accurate on Android

Make your Fingerprint Scanner extremely accurate on Android

Your phone has the option to save more than one fingerprint, and you can save up to 5 fingerprints. To make your fingerprint scanner work better, save more than 3-4 fingerprints with slightly varying angles every time.

Now your phone recognizes your fingerprint in different angles, and this hack improves fingerprint scanning to a great extent.

4-Turn on the Swipe Input on your Keyboard

Turn on the Swipe Input on your Keyboard

The Swipe Input feature is an amazing way to type way faster than the conventional approach of typing each letter with your fingers. The swipe feature works by dragging your finger across the letters for each word. This feature increases your typing speed to a great extent.

To turn this feature go to:

Settings > language and keyboard > input method > swipe

Most Android phones have this feature inbuilt. However, if this feature is not available on your phone or if you want to improve your typing experience, further download the SwiftKey app from Play Store.

SwiftKey is a great app and editor’s choice on the Play Store as well. The third-party keyboard application is very intuitive. It records the way you swipe on the keyboard, making it better at predicting words and even sentences. Its other features include setting the keyboard theme and size as per your moods.

 5-Save Maps Offline Maps

Save Maps Offline Maps

Google Maps has introduced a new feature that allows you to download and save maps offline, and this option was recently made even better by Google. Once you have downloaded the required maps, you will have the choice to view maps without using data.

To download maps offline, go to Google maps and type the location; once the map appears, go to options, you will see a tab by the name “offline areas.” When you click on it and select the map to download it.


Android is the market leader when it comes to phones. The operating system features many options to give you a personalized experience enabling you to use your phone as per your needs.

Follow these hacks to maximize the potential that your phone carries, secure your data and device. Let us know which hack you find the best and if you have any additional hacks.

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