5 Of the Best Email Marketing Tools, You Can Use In 2020

Email marketing is the new frontier in digital marketing technology. It is relatively cheap and you can use email marketing to do more than just advertise your products. Email marketing has been around since the era of the internet started. Today email marketing is the preferred way of many companies to interact with their customers.

Email marketing not only allows you to advertise your products but it also gives businesses to interact with their customers for request business, solicit sales or donations, build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. The entire platform of email marketing gives you the ability to reach your customers in any way you can imagine.

5 Of the Best Email Marketing Tools, You Can Use In 2020

Today we will be sharing with you the top 5 tools you can use to enhance your email marketing game. These are software for small businesses and startups and can easily be upgraded as the company grows.

Email Octopus

Email octopus is a simple tool that you can use to send unlimited emails from multiple email addresses all month. It is a great tool for small businesses that need to send a lot of emails to their potential clients. The main good feature that you can use is that it can very easily integrate with different apps like WordPress so that you can easily exchange data from one to another. Although it does not have many features in the free version, but it allows you to send as many emails as you like without any restrictions.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho is a well-known software that is used for multiple marketing technologies. You can use Zoho to design and develop different email marketing campaigns to interact with your customers. You can use Zoho to segment your customers into lists and send them relevant emails depending on their interactions. You can also send follow up emails and set timers for emails to be sent out on a particular timeframe. Zoho also has testing and reporting features that help you find the best email marketing campaigns that fit your needs.


Mailjet is a tool that is used by multiple companies. It offers very intuitive tools that help you make effective email marketing strategies. Mailjet also offers its users seamless integration with multiple team members so that you can collaborate efficiently. The main feature of Mailjet is that it can integrate itself into various CRMs so that you can work on the same dashboard. Mailjet offers its user’s pre-designed templates as well so that you can start sending emails as quickly as possible. Mailjet also can add dynamic content so that you can add a personalized touch to your emails.  


Mailer lite is like the adobe Photoshop of the email marketing world. It offers you an unmatched editing tool that can help you become a successful email marketer, without having to rely on different coding and technical skills. Mailerlite has a one of a kind email creation tool with image and text editor included. The software also offers comprehensive reports that help you make your email campaigns better.


The sender is one of the most famous email marketing tools that is being used today. It lets you design beautiful emails and newsletters without having any prior HTML knowledge. The sender provides pre-built themes as well as customization options with images, videos, and text. The sender is majorly used for sending newsletters and other types of promotional content from its software. The sender is also famous for its powerful analytics tool which lets you know which users have opened your email and how they reacted to the certain emails, this information allows you to create a personalized email that sender can make.