5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Business


Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is a specialized all-in-one tool that combines marketing, sales and servicing to enhance business processes. Otherwise known as D365, companies can look forward to versatility and a unique customer engagement each and every time.

5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Business

Here are the reasons why you should consider Dynamics 365 for improved productivity and seamless integration, and how the Microsoft Partner of the Year can help.

Integration with Office 365

Bringing together processes and personal productivity in Office 365 can prove to be a game-changer. Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner recommends businesses get leverage by using Excel, Outlook, Teams and others for a connected experience every which way.

Continued Updates

A business central partner will tell you that regular updates keep things fresh and dynamically changing according to your needs. As Microsoft continually pours in money for research and development, you can be sure that Dynamics 365 will remain as relevant as it is ten years from now.

Smart Processes

Manual tasks can be replaced with efficient and smart processes, thanks to the D365 platform. Personnel will be able to set up triggers for notifications and approval requests. Plus, guided frameworks can be used to manage service issues, lead qualification and routine procedures via a rule that you’ve set.

Privacy Compliant

Dynamics 365 for Business Central is GDPR compliant, which means your customer won’t have to worry if their data is safe in your company’s hands. Microsoft Cloud data centers are located in the UK and are protected with the latest security measures and technology.

Cost-Effective Price

Your Business Central partner will show you how D365 offers flexible pricing no matter how small or large your business is. The transparent cloud licensing scheme is flexible in a way that you’ll only pay for what you need in a predictable bill each month. This frees up resources that you can use for other things, such as equipment, personnel, etc.


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