5 Reasons to Use VPN for Gaming

VPN is a great tool to have whenever you’re gaming on any device. It ensures that you get utmost security and privacy, as well as an optimized experience every time you’re connected to one.

VPN and gaming go well together for casual gamers and professionals alike due to these 5 reasons. For those wondering, what is a VPN? You’ll find the answers and understand why you need to use VPN for gaming.

You’re Safer on Public Wi-Fi

If you’re on the road, a hotel, a restaurant or in public places then there’s no reason to fire up your favorite online or mobile game to pass the time. However, you should know that there are dangers to connecting on public wi-fi networks.

Free hotspots are a cautionary tale, but when you use a VPN the risks are reduced or even mitigated. This is because your IP address is masked, and it will be more difficult to hack into your device and steal your data.

No Geo-Restrictions

Do you sometimes wish you could play in another region? The competition might be too difficult or too easy, or maybe you just want to test the waters and see what it’s like on another regional server.

A VPN solves that problem easily. One of its functions is that you can switch to any preferred country, whether it be a US state, in Europe or in Asia. The VPN service makes your IP address and location seem to come from the chosen region, and thus allow you content or games reserved for people there.

Lower Ping, Reduced Lag

A lot of people think that a VPN makes your internet connection slower, since technically you’re connecting to the VPN and to the game servers, but this isn’t always the case.

You can reduce ping and lag times by connecting to a VPN location that’s closer to the game server. If you have sufficient bandwidth and internet speed then you may be able to experience better gameplay and enjoy improved gaming performance throughout.

For professional and serious gamers, this can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Skirt Around Bans and Restrictions

IP bans are similar to geo-restriction but at a more granular level. You could find yourself banned or forbidden to play for X hours because you violated a rule. Or, you’d want to play a specific game that’s only available in a certain group of countries.

Good VPNs can change your location so the game can be accessed without any issues. You can also skirt around IP bans and things that check your IP address before allowing you entry to the servers.

No Worries on Data Theft or Cyber Stalking

Most games are played online nowadays, and these servers can be hacked and mined for personal data and other sensitive information. A simple IP reveal can allow hackers to acquire your name, address, email address and other things.

A VPN connection adds a level of security since your real IP address is masked. This makes it harder for unscrupulous individuals to collect your data.

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