5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Seedbox When Downloading Torrents

Torrents are ideal to use if you’re looking for a reliable and faster way to download large files from the Internet. However, torrenting comes with some risks. These risks include data privacy risks, malware attacks, vulnerability to hacking, and most of all, legal issues for downloading torrents that contain copyrighted materials.

Luckily, using a seedbox will offer a viable solution to all your torrenting concerns. A seedbox is a private remote server built with a high-speed data center safe to use when downloading torrents and uploading them at exceptionally high speeds.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Seedbox When Downloading Torrents

Here are the reasons why you should be using a seedbox if you’re a regular user of torrents.

1.     A seedbox increases your downloading speed.

When you use a seedbox, you can use the service provider’s remote servers rather than your local servers, therefore maximizing downloading speeds. The best versions available should have a bandwidth of up to 1 GB per second and should be able to handle 1 TB of data. If you’re downloading TV shows or movies and need them in large high-quality files, this extra bandwidth offers extremely high speeds on how to get these files on to your PC.

2. Privacy and anonymity

The Internet may be considered a public place, but your files and activities online need not be visible to other users. Using a seedbox gives you complete control over your privacy and automatically eliminates the risk of data breach or hacking. Your IP address is hidden from hackers, and no matter how good the hacker is, they wouldn’t know the IP address or the geographical position of the remote server. Additionally, a good seedbox also comes with an open VPN with military-grade encryption to enable access to websites blocked by your Internet service provider.

3.     Managing your ISP

If you’re using an Internet service provider that has limits on how much data you can download per month, then a seedbox is the best option. All the files you’re downloading go through the server of the seedbox company and not your local server. This means you can download huge files without fear of limits or being cut off.  

4.     A seedbox helps maintain your ratio.

Seedbox providers don’t allow you to use public trackers like Pirate Bay, and your concern may be maintaining your ratio once you manage to get into a private torrent tracker. This means you’re downloading as much as you’re uploading. It’s easy to manage your ratio when using a seedbox by downloading the torrent using a private tracker, and leaving it on the seedbox to upload.

5.     Storage

Due to increased competition, seedbox companies are continually increasing their storage capability, which enables you to store huge files on your seedbox. You can download torrents and save them on your seedbox, and whenever you need them later on, a simple FTP download will suffice.

If you want your torrenting life to be made simple and more accessible, get yourself a seedbox.