5 Steps to Help You Select the Right ERP System for Your Business


The decision of choosing an ERP system is an important one, yet it is not easy one. Selecting an ERP system is a task that although may be exciting in some ways, has its own demands and complications. It is no small decision and can have a huge impact on your business which is what makes it such a stressful decision. You need to take the time to find a system that can seamlessly integrate into your essential business processes, while ensuring that the software that you choose is the best on the market.

5 Steps to Help You Select the Right ERP System for Your Business

You need to look for a vendor that can provide you with all this along with the highest quality of support and service. The choice is not made any easier when you begin your search, because as soon as you start you will be faced with a multitude of options of software and vendors, each with their own benefits, trying their level best to gain you as a customer. But how do you pick which one is the right match for you and your business in a sea of systems? Well, this article is going to make that decision a whole lot easier, as we will share some tips and tricks on how you can choose the best ERP system for your business!

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Step 1: Form a research team

It does not matter whether you have just begun your journey of searching for an ERP system or are well into your way of looking for one, one of the most vital steps when choosing an ERP system is creating a software research team. The need for this team is that they will identify the greatest demands your business currently needs to fulfill and what pain points need to be addressed, as well as what must be considered when looking for an ERP system. By creating such a team, you will be taking into consideration the individuals in different departments such as HR, CRM, inventory management, financial management, and so on. Each of these departments will provide their own views on what ERP system is best suited to meet the needs of your organization, present and future. Thus, a team will be created that, in the long run till save you time and resources.

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Step 2 : Define your ERP needs

Once you have established a team and they are ready to begin, you can then begin to look at what your biggest requirements are for choosing an ERP system. Your team will look at both the present situation of the organization as well as what the future needs will be.

Some common considerations for your team to look at include:

  • Receiving timely and accurate financial reports that are reliable.
  • Having visibility into business processes such as sales, production, and procurement.
  • The cost benefits the software will bring to the organization.
  • How will the system impact the employees and their productivity?
  • The automation of processes such as sales orders, supply chain management, etc.
  • The accessibility of the software such as for mobile users and for users that need real-time access when in the field.

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Step 3 : Assess the ERP providers

What can make the decision easier and more difficult at the same time, is the overwhelming amount of ERP software providers. The options are unlimited and narrowing it down to just two or three of the best providers, is no easy task. The time that it takes to go through each one is time no one has to waste, which is why you are in luck because we’ve listed below a few considerations you can take into account to help limit your options and pick a system, without the endless research:

  • Look at which ERP providers are the most renowned in the industry and their expertise specific to each industry, and if it relates to yours.
  • Another important factor to look at is whether an ERP system enables you to develop applications and customize according to your particular needs.
  • Understand the level of flexibility an ERP system allows, how flexible is it needed to be in the present and in the future?
  • Reporting is another important feature as it is important to distinguish if the ERP system will support industry-specific conditions and reporting?

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Step 4 : Assess the ERP vendors

After you have finalized two or three of the best ERP providers that would suit your organization, you must then investigate a vendor that will provide you with the implementation and continued support you need with the efficiency and effectiveness you need. Like the points listed above, you must look at the following when considering a vendor:

  • The past implementation experience and the level of expertise they have.
  • Industry specific experience, and will they be able to understand the needs of your organization.
  • What level of customization will they be able to prove you with?
  • What is the time frame of the implementation?
  • What kind of training is provided and what additional resources are present to help your employees?
  • What does the ongoing support entail and what services will be offered?

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Step 5 : Talk to the clients of the ERP vendor

The final step in this crucial decision-making process is to speak to one of the clients of your prospective ERP vendor.

As is the case with most vendors, you are given testimonials from clients, but these are not as reliable as direct spoken words. Testimonials are often given directly after a launch has taken place, when the client has only good things to say. But when a vendor can get you in contact with a client to discuss their experience with you, that says a lot. So, ask all the questions you need when given the chance, whether it be about training, ongoing support, vendor-client relationship, etc.

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We have provided you with the tools you need to help you make the decision of choosing which ERP system is right for your business! Remember to consider all the phases when carrying out your research from pre-launch, post-launch, to ongoing support.

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