At first glance, it might seem that technology doesn’t apply to golf. You have the greenery, the golf clubs and the ball, and your effort and calculations determine whether you obtain a satisfactory score or not.

5 Tech to Improve Your Golf Game

Like all things, technology can make playing golf easier, which is directly related to a higher score in the end. Here are 5 you can get right now to improve your golf game.

An Online Guide

Improvement starts with the self, and the only way to get better at golf is to learn more about the game and practice.

Learning can be done online and with a reputable website to help you with aspects of your game. You can read up on basics, such as golf swing tips to correct your form or more advanced techniques like holding the club and navigating through a tricky course on the internet.

Then, you can practice what you’ve learned out on the green or by using another technology, such as a virtual golf game.

Augmented Reality or Golf Simulator Games

The next technology is naturally golf sim games and hardware that allow you to hone your skills even when you’re not out in the fairway.

Practice makes perfect, and no other device can help you improve your golf game this way than a virtual game. The variety of games and products are astounding- you can choose to get a basic strip with a hole to more advanced options such as a full-fledged golf simulator.

A golf game simulates the green and offers several advantages compared to a traditional course. You can play in the evening or even in early morning, and you don’t need to travel to the nearest golf course or sign up for a membership.

Cutting Edge Golf Clubs

Today’s golf clubs are now more sophisticated than ever, with cutting-edge materials and manufacturing designs that give the player an advantage over the rest.

The tech, in this regard is the aerodynamics and engineering that factors in the swing speed, weight and drag. Beginner golfers won’t have to swing the club as hard- there are grooves in the club that accumulate turbulence and reduce the drag associated with the pushing force. The result is less effort and possibly greater ball speed and longer shots.

Swing Analyzer

Aside from learning how to swing a golf club properly, you’ll want to get real-time feedback on how your swing looks and what can be done to improve it.

A swing analyzer is exactly what it sounds like- it measures your swings and puts it out in an easy-to-read data. Newer ones will have a feature where you can simulate wind conditions and see where the ball goes. All these things will be shown when you connect it to a computer or a laptop, and with each adjustment you’ll be able to see if you’re improving or not.


A rangefinder is pretty standard with most professional golfers and hardcore players. This tech actually makes estimating distance easy and takes the guesswork out of it.

The device looks like a pair of binoculars and utilizes a laser to check the distance between it and the goal, which is usually the flagstick or the hole. Once you have the distance measured then it’s a matter of calculating how much strength you need to try and put the ball as close to the flag as possible.

Some, if not all rangefinders will take into account the course topography and slope. This determines the type of club you need to get a better score. The more expensive rangefinders will usually read the distance faster compared to a lower-cost product.

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