5 Technologies You Can Use for Your Next Occasion

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
5 Technologies You Can Use for Your Next Occasion

Large or small, your party can certainly benefit from having these five technologies around.

Photo Booth

Get a photo booth rental at your next event and you can be sure that it will be livelier than most. People simply love to take photos, and it serves as a memento to boot. With a photo booth rental, you don’t have to worry about the specifics, as they will do the setup and printing of pictures.

5 Technologies You Can Use for Your Next Occasion


A drone on your next occasion can serve two purposes. One, they usually come equipped with cameras and storage cards that allow you to take photos or videos. You can have people huddle up and take an aerial groupie, as well as get videos from a different perspective. Two, you can have a drone as an entertainment factor and allow people to fly it in your yard or any open space.


A projector comes in handy when you want to show memorable photos and videos to friends and family members. Rather than having to crowd on a single small screen, you can set a projector display and put out 80-100 inches of display. This works well on movie nights as well.

Wi-Fi Access

Add a necessary convenience to your next party with wi-fi access for guests. It doesn’t have to be expensive- the latest routers or mesh systems can easily cover a yard or even a small field and allow people to connect to the world wide web. They can then use it on your behalf, such as taking a video and uploading it on social media or YouTube.


No party will be complete without music, and you can rely on technology to get this specific job done. A soundbar connects via Bluetooth from your smartphone- all you need is a streaming music platform and the right tunes.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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