5 Tips If You Want To Watch Movies Anywhere Without Internet

A good movie can be an effective way to pass the time if you’re on a long train ride or waiting for your next flight. Unfortunately, sometimes, certain places you’re in may not have any Wi-Fi you can access to watch a movie on your device. Nonetheless, you can still be able to watch something even without the Internet if you plan ahead. Here are five tips you need to know to watch movies on any gadget without the Internet.

1. Digitize DVD to PC.

One effective way to watch movies without the Internet is by digitizing your DVDs to your PC. First, you’ll need to download a video converter software. Once you’ve downloaded a video converter software, you should then input your DVD into your PC. Select the correct drive to search for the DVD file, and then choose it. The software should be able to detect the title connected with your DVD file. Once the file has been retrieved, select the available titles and languages, and continue.

Choose “Browse” under the Output folder, and pick where you want your converted file to be saved. After you’ve picked where you’re going to save the file, look for the section where you can choose the format and preset. Select MP4 for the format, and choose the kind of device you want the file to be optimized for as your preset. Once you’re done, select Convert to copy DVD to the hard drive. When sending the file to other devices such as an iPhone or iPad, make sure your device has enough space to store them.

2. Download from Netflix.

Netflix allows you to download some of their content to watch offline whenever you want. You first need to download the Netflix application onto your PC. You can find the Netflix app on the Google Play store or the Microsoft store. Once you have the Netflix app downloaded, you can search for movies you can download by entering a specific keyword or a genre name related to the movie you’re looking for. Once you’ve found the movie you want, select and download it, and you’ll be able to watch it anytime.

3. Download from Amazon Prime.

If Amazon Prime is your preferred streaming service, you can also download movies from their platform. Go to Amazon Prime, and when you start browsing through the options, select the “Free to me” option that’s at the top of the application. When you see the film you want to download, select the download button located below the film’s description. Beyond movies, you can also download music tracks, eBooks, and other content to help you pass the time on a long trip.

4. Download from Google Play.

Downloading from Google Play is a similar process to downloading from other platforms. Search for the movie you want to watch, and then download it. The difference between downloading from Google Play versus Netflix or Amazon Prime is there’s no “Free to me” option on Google Play. While you do have to purchase or rent the movie before you can download it onto your PC, Google Play may offer a wider variety of popular movies and TV shows than other platforms.

5. YouTube to MP4 converter

YouTube offers a premium version of their website where you can access a variety of popular movies. Nonetheless, if you don’t have the premium version, they also offer movies that are free for those without YouTube Premium to watch. If you want to watch premium or free movies on YouTube without Wi-Fi, you should first search for a movie you want to watch. Once you’ve found a movie, copy the URL of the YouTube video. After you’ve copied it, you can search on Google for a YouTube to MP4 converter you can use. There should be a variety of them to choose from. After you’ve found a converter that works for you, you can input the link into YouTube to MP4 converter and click Convert. When the converter is finished converting the YouTube video, you can download the MP4 to your device and watch it whenever you want to.

It can be challenging to pass the time on a train trip or while waiting for a flight when you have no Wi-Fi access. Thankfully, technology has provided us several ways to access the things we enjoy on the Internet without having to be near a Wi-Fi source. Any of these methods can be a useful way to download movies onto your PC and other devices, and watch them anytime without the Internet.

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