5 Tips to Organically Increase Your Instagram Likes

Engagement is a crucial factor when it comes to social media marketing and growing your fanbase.

Having a high engagement rate per post is everyone’s goal in Instagram.

5 Tips to Organically Increase Your Instagram Likes

However, achieving this requires more than just a pretty picture and a few words. To really get the engagement ball rolling here are a few tips:

1. Find the Perfect Time to Post

You may have a killer post that’s sure to capture your audience’s attention, but if there’s no one around to see it then it could very well be considered a bust.

Timing is actually key to high engagement in Instagram. The short and long of it is you will need to wait until the moment is just right. Post your best content when people are awake and checking their Instagram feeds for maximum exposure.

You’ll be surprised at how well this tactic works! The comments and likes will start pouring in, and soon your profile or brand will be known.

2. More Quality, Less Quantity

Less is more when it comes to posting on Instagram.

The best way to get more comments, followers and exposure is to Buy Instagram Likes. What you need to know though, is that you have to hit the right number of posts in order for people to sit up and take notice.

Posting ten times a day may get you some likes at first, but then people will quickly get tired of it. Posting only once a week, on the other hand won’t make much of an impact.

There’s no magic number when it comes to posting because every profile, brand and audience are different. What you can do though, is to experiment by posting twice a day for a week to gauge engagement rate then do more or less as needed.

3. Mix Up the Content Type

Instagram has quite a number of content generation options. You can create stories, highlights, videos, carousel posts and more.

Instagram robots will often highlight posts that are making full use of Instagram features, and it’s something you’ll need to master to experience great engagement levels.

Videos are currently more engaging than photos, but sticking with video posts is time-consuming and hard work. You can be a smart Instagrammer and learn how to use polls, stories and other features as they come out so you can gain the edge (and hopefully the lion’s share) in terms of engagement.

4. Interact with the Community

Social media is not social media when there’s no interaction.

Instagram has share, comment, follow and like as possible interaction tools, and if you want maximum engagement then you’ll have to spend time with your community.

For starters, you’ll want to monitor conversations, captions and comments to understand your followers, tailor your content, check for trends and find relevant hashtags you can use for later.

When you have a handle of what your audience likes then everything naturally falls into place. In actuality, engagement will be more organic as you begin to understand what they’re really looking for in terms of content.

Also, engagement can be done in a very simple way- with polls and asking open ended questions. Mix it up with contests, behind the scenes and contests to keep things exciting.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Back to the Drawing Board

Improvement is a never-ending process and applies to increasing Instagram engagement on a post.

When you find something that works, don’t rely on it too much. Instead, use it as a blueprint and move forward.

Whether it’s asking the right questions, doing collaboration with followers or making a tutorial, your next post should be better than the last.