5 Traveling Apps That Help You Enjoy Your Trip

The possibility to travel is always great. If you used to need thick guidebooks to enjoy your trip and don’t miss a thing for now it’s just your smartphone. Every modern traveler has a whole range of apps on their smartphone that allows them to do many things: book accommodation, choose sights to see, rent a car, buy hot tours, and find a place to eat.

And as a modern traveler you probably know that the translator that can come in handy when traveling is Google Translate, and Uber is a great app for ordering cabs almost all over the world. BlaBlaCar is the greatest hitchhiker service, and TripAdvisor and Foursquare have thousands of traveler reviews about museums, hotels, restaurants, and bars. AirBnB and Couchsurfing would help you find a place to stay. We have selected five not so famous, but no less interesting and useful apps that will help you on your travels and travel preparations.

Culture Trip

The online edition was created back in 2011 by a British Entrepreneur. The idea was to benefit tourists and homesteaders as well. It helps people to determine the choice of interesting places around the globe. Still, this app won’t answer all the travelers’ questions unlike each country’s specialized sites ( like this Monaco guide), but it is an excellent assistant for the middle-class traveler.


This app will help you properly prepare for your trip. It’s easy and fun to plan visits to interesting places and sights.

After registering, the user can specify his preferences, that is, what he would like to do when he arrives in the city. Based on this, the app will create an individual program and provide details of the Covid-19 restrictions for each destination. One more interesting feature, every time you get a flight, hotel, or rental car confirmation email, it would be automatically sent to TripIt


By downloading the Airalo app, you can use a virtual SIM card to roam abroad. Here you can surf the Internet with the package 10 GB for $20. Or on a modest package for 1 GB, if you don’t plan to watch Youtube a lot – only for $3. eSIM prices vary depending on the destination. Airalo has more than 100 countries on its list, including many popular tourist destinations like Thailand, Montenegro, Turkey, Georgia, and France.


This app will help you to find all your flight information in real-time, and you’ll also get notifications about delays or cancellations if the airline itself is in no hurry to send you this information. The app automatically syncs with your TripIt itineraries, eliminating the need to put the information by yourself.


An application for tourists who take care of their health everywhere they go. You can view and make insurance for yourself in any country, get a consultation from a medical expert, and in case of an insurance event, contact the company and record the case just in a few taps.

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