5 Unique Ideas for Marketing a Condo Development Online

Undeniably, the competition in online mediums in terms of condo developments only gets fiercer and fiercer by the day. With that, marketing properties has become increasingly difficult as well! To cope, homeowners and real estate agents continuously amp up their online advertising games to survive in the market.

However, unless you already have an existing large platform, marketing online will take time. Unfortunately, popularity does not happen overnight! But, don’t fret: there are unique online marketing ideas out there for you to unlock. These business secrets will allow you to sell homes with ease!

Without further ado, here are five unique ideas you can try on your next online condo marketing venture. Focus on these methods to guarantee your success! Once you get the hang of how the online marketplace works, it only gets better from there.

 Step up your Instagram story game with engagement stickers.

Who said that Instagram stories were only for personal accounts? Using engagement stickers such as Q&A, polls, and contests will boost your engagement on the social media site. With that, your potential clients will have more opportunities to engage with you—this will increase your content visibility. By doing so, you are training the Instagram algorithm according to your favor. Moreover, interacting with your client base will make you more memorable for them.

Collab with the internet’s most prominent influencers.

In this day and age, influencer marketing is the new celebrity marketing, even in real estate. Social media influencers have thousands to millions of loyal followers whom they engage with every day. Through their help, your name and listings can reach a wider audience, helping you expand your market.

Remember to be meticulous in screening the best social media influencer for your condo development. Make sure to partner only with reputable influencers, as their name also becomes tied to your brand. With proper research, you can find the best trustworthy influencer with whom you can collaborate.

Create short films that tell stories to market your listings.

Trust us: you can never go wrong with making your buyers fall in love with your property. Short films do well on social media as long as they catch the attention of your viewers. Furthermore, they must also convey emotions that will be felt by your potential buyers! Who knows, in a few days, your short film may go viral. This is a surefire online marketing strategy for your condo development!

Create a virtual tour for your condo development.

Hire designers to create a virtual reality model of your condo listings. These virtual tours will engage your potential clients and let them have a better feel of their future home. Now that meet-ups are limited due to the pandemic, a virtual reality 3D model will serve as a valuable investment.

If you have a tighter budget, read on! A video walkthrough will also do the trick for your clients. You can try to shoot a walkthrough video through your mobile phone, and you’re set! Before filming your walkthrough, make sure to check reviews of your phone camera to ensure a steady video. Better yet, rent a drone for a smooth and lag-free video, but before doing so, make sure to figure out which drone is right for you! Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and ingenuity.

Offer free Zoom consultations with potential buyers.

Through Zoom and other video calling platforms, we can embrace the benefits of meeting our clients face-to-face without the hassle! Through Zoom consultations, you can explain documents to your clients and build a rapport with them. Who knows, you may even establish a tight friendship with your future clients. They may even refer you and your listings to their own group of friends!

Final words

Good luck in marketing your condo development online! If you need further examples of well-marketed condominium developments, Precondo is the website for you. At Precondo, you can find all the necessary information you need about recent condo developments in Toronto! Visiting this site will surely help you in your research. For additional listings, see more here.

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