5 Useful Tips When Buying New Server For Your IT

Have you ever heard that phrase: “cheap is expensive”? This is the purest truth! There are numerous things for you to evaluate, in addition to cost, in finding the best buys for your IT department.

So that your investment does not become a loss, it is essential to look for good suppliers for your server, which value the performance of the Information Technology sector combined with the cost-benefit you need. In case if you’re a foreigner then the server for sale on PC International is the right option for you.

But, what to consider when choosing suppliers for the IT department?

In this content, we gather the main tips for you to purchase a new Server for your IT park safely and reliably! No mistakes, no headaches, no unwanted returns!

Have a good read!

1- Observe the service provided and how the support is in case of problems

The first tip to buy a new Server for your IT without unwanted headaches is to observe how the service is provided by the supplier and what alternatives it offers for support, in case of problems.

Unexpected stops can impact not only the routine of employees and the delay of projects/demands of the company, but can also affect the result of the organization as a whole. And downtime for problem resolution is crucial to minimize any threats to business productivity!

Therefore, the immediate service provided by the supplier company is one of the most important tips to consider when purchasing equipment for your company. Furthermore, providing the necessary support with accurate (and correct) information must also be observed.

2- Pay attention to the quality of the Server

The quality of the Server offered is another important factor when making the best purchases for your IT department Remember the phrase “cheap is expensive”? Well, invest in Server that can support your company’s demand, don’t try to get “shortcuts”.

If there is a need for some Server that is out of the separate budget to invest in your IT purchases, opting for refurbished products is also a good option. In addition to the quality and performance you need, it’s available at a much better cost than expected. Here, the crux of the matter is cost-effectiveness!

Another alternative is to invest in the Server you already have to increase their performance. So, you can choose to make upgrades that aim to increase the processing capacity and support the demands.

3- Predict scalability

Always plan for the medium and long term when purchasing a new Server for your department. How will the company’s demands be in some time? To have a well-prepared infrastructure, my tip is: predict scalability!

Will your Server be able to support the demand and growth of your business projects? Will your vendor’s solutions also be scalable and able to keep up with this growth?

4- Search for testimonials from the supplier’s customers

Seeing how the provider’s services work in practice is an important tip for you to make a choice with no regrets. So pay attention to what customers say about it – do research!

5- Invest in warranty systems

Investing in guarantees is the solution so that, after purchasing your products, they remain safe and work with high performance. Again: think long term! But beware: invest in really differentiating guarantees!

Server vs Computer – Understand the differences

Looking superficially, the normal computer and a server look the same. This can lead to the false perception that it’s not worth paying a little more on a server, since, in theory, a computer can do everything a server could. This is a very serious mistake that can bring incalculable damage to your company.

Now answer me sincerely the questions below:

  • What damage would your company have if it couldn’t issue notes for a week?
  • Can the company be without access to its management system for an entire day?
  • Does your company work without your employees being able to access your company’s data network?

It is very likely that your company will not be able to access the management system you use right? If you place your systems on a normal computer instead of on a server, chances are that at some point your services will be unavailable.

I say this because an ordinary computer was created for different uses. It’s like a duck, which flies, swims and walks, but more or less does it all.

A server is built with availability in mind, that is, it has to work 24 hours a day, 07 days a week.

Below I will highlight the points of why a normal computer will never be able to play the role of a server.

1.    Computers do not have redundant parts

2.   Servers have more robust parts

3.   Computers do not have a special warranty

4.   The performance of a server is always better than a computer

5.   Compatibility with Server Operating Systems

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