5 Ways A Refurbished iPhone is Better Than A New iPhone


The competition between iOS and Android has been reaching its peak in recent years with the amazing steps that Android has been taking to reach the iOS level. For Apple iPhone fans, nothing has changed as their beloved iPhones are on the top of the smartphone market competition. Yet, there is a considerable issue that remains with upgrading iPhones even for those who have been avid iPhone users for years. This issue is the sky-rocketing prices of iPhones which increase with every new iteration and every year’s release.

5 Ways A Refurbished iPhone is Better Than A New iPhone

With the current economy declining and most people’s financial status affected and shaken, many iPhone users’ eyes started going towards refurbished iPhones and wonder whether it is good to buy instead of brand-new iPhones. In this post, we’re going to discuss the most important 5 points that make a refurbished iPhone a better choice than a new one.

Refurbished iPhones allow you to save money

Since this is the first reason why the majority of iPhone users start considering buying refurbished iPhones, it is important to address the money part of any refurbished iPhone offer.

Of course, a refurbished iPhone is going to be less expensive when compared to the same model brand-new. Yet, it is important to know how low the price of a refurbished iPhone can be while the phone is still good to buy. In other words, the cheapest prices of the refurbished iPhones may not always reflect the best condition.

To have a positive answer for this question: “refurbished iPhone, is it good to buy?” The device must come with the necessary warranty and other guarantees of quality and condition.

QwikFone, for example, offers pristine refurbished iPhones at affordable prices ranges. You may notice that these prices are not the lowest in the market, however, these prices reflect the like-new conditions of the phone and the high-end parts that were used in the refurbishment.

Get a Better iPhone for less

The second reason why refurbished iPhones are a better option than new iPhones is the differences the reduced price can create in terms of which iPhone to buy in the first place. So, if your budget is limiting you to an iPhone X with a 64GB internal storage space if you buy it new, the refurbished option can enable you to get a refurbished iPhone XS or even iPhone XS Max at the same budget and with an even larger internal storage space that can go up to 256GB.

So, whether you are dreaming of buying a different, more advanced, model of iPhones or just the same model you’re planning on, but with a bigger memory space, a refurbished iPhone deal will enable you to make your dreams come true without adding a more expensive price to the equation.

Similar condition to the brand-new iPhone

The most common concern when it comes to refurbished iPhones is the condition of the device and this is why users often prefer buying new iPhones even if this means that the user would have to give up on the better specs & features and pay more money.

The good news on this front is that there is a way in which you can save money with a refurbished iPhone while ensuring that it is in a perfect condition at the same time. Pristine refurbished iPhones are universally known to be as good as new iPhones in terms of the appearance of the outer case, the screen, as well as the internal parts and the iPhone’s overall functionality.

With the special offers provided by QwikFone’s experts you can get a pristine refurbished iPhone with all of its accessories brand-new. Since used accessories can’t be exchanged between different users for hygiene reasons, QwikFone provides new chargers, earphones, and cables with its refurbished iPhones.

Unlocked iPhones are always better and easier to use

When choosing your new iPhone on the Apple website, you’ll notice that you should specify a certain carrier that you’ll use. The reason for this is that the new iPhone will most likely be locked to a single carrier and the user can’t use any other one with that iPhone device.

Refurbished iPhones, on the other hand, usually come unlocked and SIM-free. So, once you receive that iPhone, you can just put your SIM card in it and start using it without any complications or restrictions.

While this may not seem as much of a big deal for users who have one SIM card to deal with, those who use multiple SIM cards for business reasons, for example, would be able to appreciate the ability to switch between those SIMs without having to walk around carrying more than one mobile phone device; let alone the added expense of buying a dedicated mobile for the other SIM card which will be saved in case of the unlocked iPhone.

Another aspect of using unlocked iPhones, which may currently be overlooked due to the lockdown circumstances in most countries, is that international traveling with an unlocked iPhone is of huge importance. The reason for this is that when you travel to a country with different carriers than those in your own, the unlocked iPhone enables you to purchase a new SIM from one of the local carrier and use it with your device, whereas a locked iPhone will put you in the position where you must either buy a second smartphone for the local SIM, or buy a roaming bundle to keep using your iPhone. Since both options are more expensive, the unlocked iPhone is definitely the better option in this case.

Refurbished iPhones can have amazing warranty policy

Another main concern with refurbished iPhones is warranty. However, there are multiple refurbished iPhone deals that includes good warranty policies which last for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, these warranties may cover more details than the customer may even expect.

With a pristine refurbished iPhone that has a 1-year warranty and a full refund guarantee, you can definitely be sure that you are getting the better option. Even when compared to a new Apple iPhone. So, pick your deal, and place your order today!


Lucy Bennett

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