5 Ways Brands Can Get More Instagram Engagement on Their Content


As a business, getting likes on Instagram is about more than just ego. You gain a number of positive returns when people like your content. It shows that you offer valuable information, which raises your social proof.

5 Ways Brands Can Get More Instagram Engagement on Their Content

When users like your stuff, they’re demonstrating engagement and connection with your brand. This increases your chances of making sales and improving your company’s name awareness. There are lots of ways brands can get more Instagram likes, and they can even buy Instagram followers. Keep reading below to discover five innovative methods for increasing engagement on Instagram.

1. Experiment with Different Types of Content

Instagram has become much more than a simple photo sharing app. It now offers a range of features and possibilities for your content creation. There’s video, Instagram Stories, Stories Highlights, Polls, Live Video and more. A number of factors can influence the success of each of these for your brand and your audience. Some experimentation will help you to figure out which formats net the best results and are best received by your followers.

Be sure to monitor your Instagram Insights in order to determine which types of posts resonate most with your target market. Then create more of those, continuously checking for progress. If something doesn’t seem to be receiving likes or comments, it’s probably safe to put out fewer of that type of content.

2. Bring in Some Help

Good social media marketing is rarely a one-person job. Chances are, you’ll need some help to create professional looking posts and to attract engagement in the forms of likes, follows and comments. There are a bunch of ways you can work with others to make your Instagram content really shine.

For example, if photography isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring a professional or even editing some stock photos. It’s okay to rely on outside help to make a good impression. Maybe a graphic designer would give your posts the edge you’ve been missing. You might also want to think about working with Instagram influencers to attract more interest in your brand, along with a whole new audience.

3. Ask for the Likes

Sometimes, you just have to ask for what you want. This rule applies to Instagram likes, as well. A call-to-action (CTA) is a proven marketing strategy that works in all sorts of media. This includes social media, like Instagram. The concept is simple. A CTA involves adding a statement or question at the end of your Instagram caption or Story.

This can be as straightforward as, “Like if you want to see more fun photos of beautiful travel destinations.” You’re telling the audience what you want from them. Being more indirect by asking questions, suggesting users tag their friends or encouraging followers to chime in on their preferred choice can also encourage engagement that leads to likes.

4. Get Super Specific

In order to reach the best audience for your brand, your efforts must be targeted. This means that your message has to resonate with the particular gender, geography, interests, preferences, and needs of your potential customers. If you want to attract the most relevant followers, you need to know your audience.

Once you have a full understanding of who your ideal customer is and what they need, you can then target your hashtags, message, and images toward those users. Hashtags need to be specific and relevant. Generic ones won’t catch the eye of your target market. Instead, use tags that refer to your specific product, the types of people who might use such products, the ways in which they’re using them and more.

For instance, a high-end pet food brand that specializes in all-natural offerings that also cut down on the furballs of fluffier animal friends will use different hashtags than a brand that is marketed to a more general pet population. Geotags are also something to consider when targeting a particular group. If your brand is relevant to a particular geographic location, be sure to tag it.

In addition, your images and messaging must appeal to your desired demographic. Make sure your photos offer a consistent vibe that matches your brand’s vision. Stick with colors, scenes, filters, and graphics that communicate a particular mood. Your captions should also convey a tone that resonates with and appeals to your target market. Practice and experimentation will make this process easier over time. Your content should always speak to your ideal follower.

5. Plan Your Posts

If you want to maintain the consistent appeal we just talked about, you must plan your content in advance. Winging it rarely works when it comes to social media success. Getting Instagram likes requires you to continuously meet followers’ expectations while working to captivate new users.

Creating images and videos that maintain attention and keep people coming back for more means you need to always be working on your game. It takes a great deal of creativity and ingenuity to create marketing campaigns that produce results. Collaborating with influencers, producing fun videos and creating the perfect images aren’t things that happen overnight.

Sometimes the planning you do is simply of a practical nature. You should plan your posts in advance and determine which days and times get the best engagement from your followers. Some research and analytics monitoring, along with trial and error, will deliver results that produce consistent results.

Follow these five tips to begin seeing an increase in Instagram likes on your posts, videos and Stories. Increased engagement will often pay off in brand awareness, website visitors and sales. Taking the time to gain these results is well worth the investment.

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