5 Ways IPads Are Helping Students Learn Better


iPads are very common these days especially in the education sector. Most schools across the world are using iPads to help students learn quickly and easily. Even nursery school kids are enjoying the benefits of technology in class. These amazing gadgets have made the teacher’s work easier.

5 Ways IPads Are Helping Students Learn Better

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate every single day. We should embrace it if we want to progress in our lives. The iPad is being revolutionized every year to cater for students’ needs. If you have been wondering how iPads are helping students learn better, you are at the right place. Today, I am going to share with five ways students are learning better using the iPad. Lets’ get started!

Displaying content

When a teacher connects the iPad with a device such as the Apple TV, he or she can display and explain information easier to the students. Students get to understand better because the content is displayed on a larger screen. This also allows the teacher to teach while walking around to ensure the students grasp the lesson. Teachers who avoid moving around the class tend not to perform their jobs properly.

Teachers can use the big screen to display students’ work and share it with the rest of class. This is good especially when presenting and sharing group work. Teachers can also use the screen to help students stay on track as they do their classwork. If students realize that their work might be share in front of the entire class, they will definitely put more effort. Displaying the work of students who have done a great job will improve their self-esteem and confidence in the long run.

Creating content

Teachers can create learning content for their students by making use of apps that can be easily downloaded on App Store. IPads are not just tools for reading book pages online and researching. A teacher can create videos and presentations for his or her students easily and quickly. Making your lessons customized will keep your students engaged and hungry to learn.

The reliable dissertation proposal service reports that students learn and remember things easily when taught using videos and presentations. Visually appealing learning tools are twice as efficient as books and long lectures.

Improving interaction with teachers

Today, most students across the world are shy. They cannot raise their hands in front of other students to ask a question or comment on something. By using iPads, in class, this issue can be easily resolved. Students can send comments and questions to the teacher while he or she is presenting or demonstrating something.

Teachers can respond to the question or comments on class or answer the students via text after the class. Teachers can use iPads to see how many students are absorbing what he or she is teaching and to know what needs to be emphasized. Combining the results and posting them helps students see where they are. Doing this will make them pay attention.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning

Every student has unique strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, teaching students as if they are one entity doesn’t work. IPads have given students the opportunity to study and excel at their own pace. Teachers can do their research and use additional tools to make learning personalized and fit for every student. Teachers who can connect with their students easily usually perform better because students tend to trust and rely on him or her.

Managing classrooms

iPads have made it easier for teacher to manage their classes and keep up with the students. Today, teachers can use apps that help them keep track of the progress of his or her students. Things such as behavior, class attendance and grades can be easily recorded and analyzed by the teacher.

Once the teacher has this kind of information easily available, understanding his or her students won’t be a hustle. IPads have the potential of taking learning to a whole new level. Technology is truly the future. Currently, there are about thirty-three thousand applications available to help students learn and perform better in school.


If you school has not yet implemented such a program, you can speak to the school heads about the issue. Using the iPad will definitely make learning easier and better. Students will enjoy learning and teachers will enjoy teaching. Students are tired of the traditional learning system. They want to use the new system.

The traditional system may have worked well for you back then. But it’s not efficient today. Use technology to your advantage. As the popular saying goes, what we fail to use, we lose. Technology is a huge opportunity for you and your students. Think of ways to start using it today to teach and learn. The future belongs to you.


Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.