Customer engagement is the connection between a customer and your enterprise with the help of emails, social media, product packaging, webinars, and more. Engaging customers online is considered a skill. Almost every company spends a considerable amount of its revenue on winning its customers’ attention. This targets potential and existing customers and interacts with them via user-friendly and easy-to-use channels. Keeping past customers engaged will undoubtedly help your company to grow steadily. Personalized interactions help maintain interest and curiosity and build trust in your enterprise. People feel special when a customizable product is available since it understands their preferences and keeps them engaged online. Engaged customers will willingly provide feedback, which can help improve your products and services. Announcing new features, understanding their choices, and referring to customer feedback can effectively keep customers engaged online.

5 Ways To Engage Customers Online

Here are some potential online customer engagement strategies to enhance user experience and retain a better customer base:


There are already numerous social media platforms available. Therefore creating a community or group on the social media network that a person visits every day is an effective way to interact with them on those platforms rather than creating a new community. The group shall have a specific function, goal, and rules too! This will clearly describe the purpose of the same. Interactions through short questions on present trends, new products, and suggestions for changes in existing ones can also help in better online engagement. Platforms like iterable help build such groups and manage them efficiently. You can checkout the iterable pricing for better clarity.


Hosting a webinar is a user-friendly and effective way to interact with customers. A webinar can be used to understand the subscribers better and build a positive provider-customer relationship. It effectively creates a customer experience by understanding their problems

and resolving their queries in real-time. A webinar ensures you reach a broader audience on a single platform and helps keep your potential customers engaged and entertained with presentations and live interactions. Subscribers should be free to ask questions and be given appropriate responses. This will assure them and make them stay loyal to the company. Small ebooks, blogs, and questions can be posted to keep the users entertained and engaged.


Creating content that is available exclusively only for members can be one way to engage and retain customers online. It will encourage them to register for access to exclusive information and tools. Customers who want to purchase the premium subscription for the solutions they are looking for will buy it if you provide helpful and appropriate content. This encourages online activity and hence online customer engagement. The created content should entail a certain kind of curiosity and elements of humor to keep their interest. Content that seems relevant to the audience and new in the market will be in great demand. This would intrigue the subscribers to sign up for more.


A company is not famous because of its members; its customers make it famous. Making them feel like a family is essential to win their confidence, and appreciating their contribution will give them a sense of power and belongingness. The company should celebrate even small victories with its customers. For instance, reaching a specific number of users is a milestone, and sales of products are one step towards growth. Even the anniversary of the enterprise is a reason to celebrate. Recognizing their regular contribution may encourage them to engage online better. Hence more engagement on the website would mean more chances to make purchases and ultimately a rise in the revenue.!


Customer feedback is vital that can be both positive and negative and should be equally appreciated. A customer’s feedback gives an overview of the company’s products and services and the changes that shall be enhanced for a better customer experience. Responding to customers will also ensure customers that they are heard and understood. The company shall target improving an individual’s experience, which is integral for successful user engagement. Being actively available to respond to feedback reflects positive behavior, positively impacts the users, and builds trust.


Customer engagement means improving the customer experience, accepting feedback, working on loopholes, and understanding factors hindering customer experience. Use these tips to engage better with your customers and build substantial brand value!

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.