We live in a fast-paced world where dining customers prefer a quick way to place orders and pay for their bill. After all, diners have become accustomed to looking at their smartphone screens instead of holding out large printed copies of menus.

6 Best QR Code Menu Makers

This is where Menu QR codes for restaurants and businesses come in. This also explains why a number of interactive restaurant menu QR code software have emerged on the market.

But before you decide which is the right software for your restaurant, let’s compare the pros and cons of each of the six best QR code menu makers available on the market today.

Pros and Cons of the Top 6 Best Menu Makers

6 Best QR Code Menu Makers


Pros: intuitive features for contactless ordering and QR code customization

MENU TIGER is an easy-to-use software that creates mobile-friendly menus.

This end-to-end software solution enables users to quickly build a no-code restaurant website.

The website can include a digital menu or an online ordering page where customers can quickly place and pay for their orders.

Changes made to the digital menu and restaurant website such as prices and descriptions will be reflected in real-time.

MENU TIGER can easily be integrated into restaurant POS combined with mobile payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, and Google Pay.

Additionally, this program collects order history and information from restaurant patrons as part of the software’s sales and analytics report, which restaurants can use for marketing strategy and targeting.

MENU TIGER also allows restaurants to add ingredient warnings on their online menu. Moreover, customers can customize their orders by choosing add-ons and extras.

Even more, MENU TIGER allows restaurants to modify their menu QR codes’ pattern, colors, eye pattern frame design, and call-to-action text to make them more appealing and scannable.

We can say that Menu Tiger is the best menu QR code software in our list

Cons: currently for dine-in ordering

MENU TIGER’s features are currently available for dine-in ordering, but digital ordering for takeout and delivery is yet to be offered in later versions of the software.

6 Best QR Code Menu Makers

2. ScanIt.Menu

Pros: can keep track of daily menu QR code scans

Scanit.menu can track how many times the menu QR code has been scanned daily. This data can be used for analytics so restaurants will know the success rate of their QR menu.

Cons: unable to build a restaurant website

Restaurants can upload their digital menus to the ScanIt.Menu website using this software. However, this software cannot create a restaurant website.

In a day where people are spending more time online than ever before, having a website establishes an online presence is critical.

6 Best QR Code Menu Makers

3. Minimal Menu

Pros: simple software

Minimal Menu is simple to use and easy to understand.

This software enables restaurants to generate and update their digital menus using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Cons: uncustomizable menu QR code appearance

The Minimal Menu app creates a simple and, as the name implies, minimal QR code.

The appearance of a menu QR code is essential in making a scannable menu QR code.

When surrounded by various items on the table, the menu QR code should stand out. The scanning rate of a colorful and unique QR code with colors is higher than the typical black and white counterpart.

6 Best QR Code Menu Makers

4. BuonMenu

Pros: automatic translations through browser

Bounmenu’s digital menu can be automatically translated into different languages through browser language configuration.

Foreign customers can easily use and navigate the digital menu created using this software.

Cons: one-way digital menu

BuonMenu allows restaurants to view and choose from their digital menu however, it is not an interactive menu.

Unlike digital menus, customers can not order and pay through their mobile devices using digital menu created with BuonMenu since it is for viewing only.

6 Best QR Code Menu Makers

5. Menutech

Pros: allergy and special diet information

Menu Tech offers a feature where restaurants can write down menu item meals and automatically detect allergens. Icons indicating allergens will reflect on the side of the menu item name.

This software can detect 14 allergens. People with specific diets like vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, etc can also use this menu.

Cons: no food images

Menutech does not incorporate food images in its digital menu.

Because customers eat with their eyes first, a digital menu must include a food image.

It can be difficult to place an order without seeing the food, especially if you are a visual person.

6 Best QR Code Menu Makers

6. OddMenu

Pros: displays restaurant information

OddMenu can create an interactive menu that displays the restaurant’s business information like the address, phone number, map, and Wi-Fi password.

This helps in the discoverability of the restaurants so customers will know how to contact and how to get to the restaurant.

Cons: cannot customize orders

Interactive digital menus created with OddMenu market fixed food items. It does not have an advanced feature that allows customers to personalize their orders with add-ons and extras.


Digital menu is a unique tool that enables restaurants and other F&B businesses to create their own QR code-powered interactive digital menu.

It facilitates fast and convenient ordering process and allows customers to easily check pricing, view menu choices, even place an order and pay from their phone or tablet device.

Choose a software that can accommodate the needs of your restaurant, which is to provide automated ordering without compromising convenience.

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