The high popularity of laptops is due to their convenience and functionality, not to mention the ability to take the device anywhere with you. However, despite the manufacturer’s efforts to make their products reliable and durable, each user faces some problems with laptops sooner or later. The most unpleasant situation is when the device doesn’t turn on. So in this article, we’ll consider six main tech issues and ways to solve them.

6 Problems With Laptops and How to Fix Them

# 1 All is Lost: Laptop Doesn’t Turn On

A common sign of laptop problems is when the device doesn’t work after you turn it on by pressing the power button. It can happen for many reasons starting from a full battery discharge and ending with a broken motherboard. To identify the problem, it is necessary to consistently analyze all the factors concerning the device’s functioning specifics. So let’s examine the most basic ones:

✔️ Problem with the laptop power supply due to which the device has run out. So check whether the adapter is included in the jack and the plug—in the socket 220 V.

✔️ Power supply breakage, often due to accidental bumps or a sudden power surge, can lead to computer burnout. To check, connect an identical power supply to the laptop and see if it works.

✔️ Breach of contacts in the connectors caused by the wrong plugging sequence when the user plugs the power cord into the mains first, then plugs it into the laptop’s socket. So it often causes breakdowns.

✔️ External devices’ multifunction includes the Wi-Fi adapter, the attached flash drive, or the micro CD card. To fix the problem, disconnect them and try to turn the laptop on again.

If these actions didn’t lead to the expected result, then with a high degree of probability, the cause lies in the failed motherboard. In this case, it is better to contact the service center. But the best alternative to this option is the consulting service Howly, where you can get technical support for any questions. For example, your ASUS Chromebook won’t turn on, and you’re at a loss as to why it happened. So the right solution is to go to the Howly website and write your question in the popup window. And the answer won’t take long.

# 2 Sudden Black Screen and Loud Fan Noise

6 Problems With Laptops and How to Fix Them

You turn on your laptop and suddenly see the black screen with loud fan noise in the background. So, in this case, the problem may lie in the failure of the monitor’s backlight. To check the guess, you can try to connect an external monitor to your laptop, and if the picture will successfully come out on it, then the cause is undoubtedly in the backlight. If not, then most likely a discrete graphics card, which often occurs due to overheating.

Consider that playing on a regular (not gaming) laptop in heavy games during 5-6 hours isn’t a good idea since it can also lead to the risk of total or partial failure. In addition, these boards also often burn out when the user keeps the laptop on for a long time on their lap, resulting in a violation of air circulation, which is necessary for the processor and graphics card. In this context, we should also mention the problems related to the RAM, processor, or motherboard, which you can fix with the help of Howly experts.

# 3 Laptop Freezes After Powering On

Sometimes users face a situation where the system hangs right after booting up. Or some incomprehensible icons start to appear on the screen. So what to do in such a case? For example, you can try the following actions:

✔️ Go into the BIOS and reset all settings using the Load BIOS Defaults function, allowing you to return to the original system settings.

✔️ If you see the ‘Press F1 to continue” message, it can result from an error caused by the BIOS doing its hardware checks during the boot process. This error also often indicates that the laptop battery is running low and needs to be replaced with a new one.

✔️ If the problem concerns the hard drive, then you can hear not typical crackles during the system’s startup. We recommend fixing this problem with the help of specialists.

✔️ Possibility of memory failure caused by dusty or oxidized DDR cards. To solve the problem, carefully remove and clean them with a degreasing solution.

As you can see, many causes may lead to laptop malfunctions, so knowing how to determine this is crucial. Most of them can be dealt with on your own, without resorting to the help of specialists. However, it would be best if you had some tech skills and knowledge of laptop systems.

# 4 Boot Device Missing

If the error is software-based, it can be resolved by reinstalling Windows. Before that, ensure no connected devices are in the CD and DVD, USB, or flash memory slots since they may also prevent the system from starting correctly. If everything works after installing the operating system, the problem is software based. If not, something went wrong with the hardware (hard drive, motherboard, processor, RAM).

# 5 Frequent Laptop Restarts and Automatic Shutdown

A sudden reboot often indicates a severe hardware malfunction, which you can’t do without a comprehensive diagnosis in a good service center. At the same time, the cause of such a malfunction is overheating of the processor, which all occurs due to a breakdown or a strong clogging of the cooler.

In this case, even running at very high frequencies will not allow the fan to cool the hard drive and the processor sufficiently. As a result, it will lead to frequent reboots of the system, which is highly detrimental to the work of the person who uses such a laptop.

# 6 Black, Blue, or Red Screen With White Characters and Error Code

If you can’t understand why the laptop doesn’t turn on with a black, blue, or red screen,  this problem belongs to the complex category. After all, it can be both software and hardware. In this case, the user can try to reinstall Windows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always help because the RAM, the hard drive, or the processor can cause the problem. Considering the hardware system’s complexity, it’s not worth diagnosing the situation at home because it can lead to even more unfortunate consequences.


Considering the above information, everyone, even the most ordinary user, can quickly fix simple laptop problems in a few minutes. However, talking about complex hardware failures is impossible without a qualified laptop maintenance specialist or experts in consulting service Howly.

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Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.