6 Soccer Players Who Are Investing in Tech


Exempting legends like Cristian Ronaldo, Gianluigi Buffon, and Zlatan Ibrahimović, and a few others, most soccer stars tend to have careers that span only a decade.

6 Soccer Players Who Are Investing in Tech

They usually sign their first professional contracts at ages 18-20, and by the time they are 28-30 years, thoughts of retirement begin to creep in. In a bid to increase their funds and make sure a blissful retirement is guaranteed, some of these players go into various investments. With the value of the global tech industry nearing a worth of over $6 trillion, it is now the number one go-to for potential investors.

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6 Soccer Players Who Are Investing in Tech

Soccer Players Investing in Tech

These are some of the soccer stars investing in tech:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who better to top our list than one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star is said to be worth about $500 million, and with an annual income of $26 million, Ronaldo is easily one of the richest athletes in the world today. He has been in the top three for over a decade now.

In addition to his salary and endorsement deals, the five-time Ballon D’Or winner also makes a lot from investing in startups, including tech. In 2012, a few weeks after the Euros, Ronaldo announced that he would be investing in Mobitto, a tech startup from his country.

Founded in 2011, Mobitto is a crowd loyalty application that allows users to form their clubs and see them rewarded when interacting with different brands. According to the CEO, Jose Simmons, the app was built to help businesses find their ideal customers and enable these customers to interact with these businesses, earning rewards like discounts and free stuff.

Many companies have identified their target markets through customers using apps like Mobitto. Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the company’s early investors, although much has not been heard of them recently.

David Beckham 

The Englishman is one of Britain’s most loved athletes. His iconic free-kick goal against Greece ensured that the English national team made it to the 2002 World Cup, and though it’s been over two decades since his 30 yards effort erupted the Wembley Stadium, England and the world have not forgotten.

His marriage to former Spice Girls singer, Victoria Beckham saw the star grow to a world icon allowing him to accumulate a wealth of over $200 million. The former Manchester United player is still reaching for new heights financially, and he sees tech as one of the ways to get there. 

In 2020, Guild Esports announced David Beckham as an investor. This came a year after the eSports giant signed a $19 Million Deal with Beckham for the football superstar to become the company’s face. He went on to invest in the company and now owns 4.7% of it.

Guild Esports owns teams that participate in different eSports competitions, and they are also into various investments in the eSports space. Statista reported that the eSports market saw a “50% increase” from last year, and the market is currently valued high in tech in 2022.

Erling Haaland

Thanks to his goal scoring prowess and personality, the 2020 Golden Boy award winner has grown to become an international star. The promising youngster is also scoring off the pitch, as he became an investor in the sports tech company, Hyperice.

Hyperice is a tech company that produces devices that help the body relax. They have an online store that makes buying equipment very easy. The Norwegian star was initially signed to be the football face of the company but now owns some of the company’s shares.

Mats Hummels

Hummels is a 33-year-old Borussia Dortmund defender. Known for his longevity and intimidating style of defending, the 2014 FIFA World Cup winner is also business savvy.

The German is one of the angel investors for StreetPro, a software that trains youngsters into becoming professionals in the Bundesliga. Launched in 2018, the app has seen impressive user growth and offers both paid and free services. 

6 Soccer Players Who Are Investing in Tech

Robert Lewandoski

Robert Lewandoski, or LewanGoalski as he is sometimes fondly referred to, is one of the best goalscorers of his generation. The FIFA Best Player of 2021 has a goalscoring record that not many soccer players can boast of, and the same can be said for his investments.

The Bayern Munich forward is a well-known investor and owns shares in different startups. One of his most popular investments is Positionly, a search engine software that allows users to track trending keywords, follow up on their competition and rank their SEO performance. He also owns shares in Sportico, an online website that offers football news, live streams to matches, and tips.

The Bottom Line

One of the golden rules of investment is never to put all your eggs in one basket. People should try as much as possible to invest in other businesses outside their line of work, and these soccer players seem to be doing that.

A simple search will reveal several ex-soccer players that went broke after their careers ended. Modern-day players are trying to avoid this, hence their interest in the tech sector. From tech startups that generate revenue from customers using apps or buying equipment from an online store, to the ones that offer tips on how to watch YouTube while using other apps, among others, these soccer stars are investing in multiple tech companies to ensure they have a blissful life after retirement.

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