6 Things to Do When You Get a New Laptop


When you get a new gadget, there are so many things that are exciting to install. When purchasing a laptop, you want to make sure it is designed by a brand that is reliable, efficient, and advanced. You likely want to install your favorite apps, a new background image, and your favorite games. Although these are each enjoyable items, it is important to equip your computer with the tools it needs to function securely, quickly, and reliably. In this article, we will talk about the six things that need to be done when you purchase a new laptop computer.

6 Things to Do When You Get a New Laptop

1. Install Antivirus Software

A new computer is an investment; the last thing you want to do is acquire a virus that shuts down the entire computer operating system. There are many free antivirus software systems that can be downloaded to protect your computer. Viruses are commonly found in emails and websites. After downloading protection software, reboot your computer and make sure that all software was installed properly.

2. Transfer Your Files

Nowadays, everything is stored on computers. From pictures to important professional documents, there are many items that need to be accessible from a portable computer. Make sure to transfer all of the important files and documents from your old device onto the new computer. By doing this, you will have all the files you need at your fingertips.

3. Get a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that allows you to establish a private and anonymous presence on a public internet connection. This security allows you to work on any wi-fi network without compromising the security of your stored information. VPN networks are designed to be completely anonymous and untraceable. For Apple lovers, there are several Mac VPN that work well with Mac.

4. Delete Preloaded Applications

Based on the type of computer you buy, it probably comes preloaded with various software systems and applications. Many technology companies have partnerships with companies and are required to preload their devices with certain functions. To avoid losing storage to unwanted applications, scan through the preloaded components and remove any items that you do not plan to utilize.

5. Automate Backups

Have you ever been in a situation where your computer crashes and nothing is saved? It is important to automate backup features so that you do not lose any important files. You can utilize built-in backup systems, online clouds and drives, or downloaded files that backup all documents.

6. Ensure Protection

Laptops are expensive devices that are needed for everyday use. With something as valuable as a laptop, it is important that you have it protected properly. First, laptops should have a casing that protects them from water damage. Secondly, you should have a cover that holds the computer when it is not in use.


When you get a new laptop, there are many exciting and necessary features that need to be activated. From setting an awesome background image to downloading antivirus software, your computer will quickly begin accommodating your everyday usage.

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