6 Undeniable Reasons to Love My11circle Real Money App On Play Store

Most of us have enjoyed playing fantasy cricket while watching significant moments like World Cups and T20 competitions. Since our nation is home to many devoted cricket fanatics. If you’re not acquainted with the concept, fantasy cricket is a kind of online game in which the player creates a team of 11 players with a capital of no more than 100 credits, split into four categories: wicketkeeper, batter, all-rounder, and bowler. Easily install the My11circle real money fantasy cricket app from the Google Play store and choose a team of players you think will provide their best effort during an upcoming match. Your picked players get points in accordance with their actual game performance.

Real-money fantasy applications were previously not permitted on Play Store. However, legitimate fantasy sports apps like My11circle are now permitted on the Google Play Store, enabling users to play fantasy games and win real money rewards. But the issue remains about the reasons to play fantasy cricket and what benefits can you expect as a player. Without further ado, let’s go into the realm of fantasy cricket and discover the benefits of participating in these competitions.


1. Ability to assemble your own squad

The ability for users to choose players and put together their own squad for a certain competition is one of the main draws of fantasy cricket. The four-player categories of bowler, batsman, all-rounder and wicketkeeper are all up for selection. Selecting a captain and vice-captain is the next and most crucial phase. When you perform at the same level as other players, a captain awards you two times as many points, whereas a vice-captain awards you 1.5x points more.

2. Possibility of winning real money rewards

Any fantasy cricket competition’s biggest feature isn’t its standings, but rather the prizes they provide. It encourages people to take part in many competitions, whether they are for the same match or other ones. The idea of awards makes the competition seem a little more thrilling. Don’t forget about the incentives and bonuses that are provided, which encourage gamers to save their money for later competitions. Along with cash rewards, white goods like cars, bikes, mobile phones, televisions, music systems, etc are also up for grabs.

3. An opportunity to follow and learn more about the sport

When playing a game such as fantasy cricket, ability and understanding of the sport are more important than probability or random events in determining the winner. In order to outsmart rivals, one has to be well-versed in cricket. To have an advantage in a fantasy competition, individuals should aim to keep themselves educated on the following topics:

  • Pitch and climate conditions of the venue
  • News about the team and injured players
  • Probable playing XI
  • Present-day players
  • Statistics about direct encounters

4. Excitation up till the last ball of the game

There is excitement throughout the whole match even if your preferred team doesn’t win since your fantasy squad includes players from both sides. The result of the game you are playing may be altered by a boundary here or a runout there. To sum up, playing fantasy cricket forces you to stick around for the whole game to find out whether you won your league or tournament.

5. Interesting user-focussed features

My11circle Real Money App offers a unique feature where users have the option (optional) to choose 4 extra players as replacement players. If you overlook editing your team after the playing XI is officially confirmed and there are players who are not included, replacement players will replace them. This is a very beneficial feature of this app. Other features include a leaderboard, playing with champions, etc.

6. A platform for playing with other cricket lovers

Play fantasy cricket games along with other cricket fans around the country. You can get to play against others who share your passion for this sport and experience both the thrill of a genuine match and the thrill of a fantasy competition.

We believe that these arguments have persuaded you of the reasons to play fantasy cricket. Therefore, it would be a great moment for you to install the app from the play store and start taking part in fantasy cricket competitions if you love cricket and want to feel more excitement.