6 Useful tips to enhance your Smartphone camera photography experience!

Today, it is common to use a phone camera as a substitute for a proper one. Even professional photographers are now opting for a phone camera.

It saves enormous space as instead of carrying so many devices, having just one mobile does practically everything. Mobile isn’t used as a phone only, but it can be used multi purposely as a music player and a camera.

New gadgets available in the market are updated to ensure that phone photography is as good as camera photography. A recent innovation in the phone photography sector is the Ultra-premium telephoto lens. It is one of the first gadgets a beginner photographer buys to enhance their photography experience. They come handy in various genres like sports, wildlife, moving shots, etc. While taking such pictures on a camera phone, the result can often be unclear or not up to the mark, but the lens helps get sharper results.

Below are some of the useful tips to use mobile phone technology at its best:

1. Know your Phone

Taking pictures with a mobile phone has become easy, thanks to the technology on smartphones that is more than sufficient to take photos and publish them online.

It depends on the camera quality and the number of pixels to get that perfect picture. Know your camera in detail, like what are the strengths and weaknesses of the phone! Think about mobile camera quality when shopping for a phone case.

2. Exposure

Exposure decides how light or dark the photographs are in terms of overexposure and underexposure. Underexposure is when pictures appear very dark and overexposed if images appear very light, i.e., the colors of the pictures are washed out or blown out.

Clicking pictures on smartphones is technologically more than adequate for publishing online under proper exposure.

3. Applications

Apps on mobile phones are a great source to enhance the photographs. They are cost-efficient, user friendly, and readily available. They can’t turn a not so great picture into a great photo, but apps can help out in the overall composition.

Easily add special effects to the photographs with photo-editing apps and upload or transfer them to a computer without hassling around with photoshops.

4. Accessories

In the past mobile camera phones took trashy pictures, but technology today tells an altogether different story. A right eye and an excellent understanding of your mobile camera phone with these accessories give the desired image.

Mobile accessories can be easily carried, light in weight, and easy to maintain. External battery, tripods, camera or tablet holder, external memory, light, etc. are accessories that aid in taking great pictures from a mobile phone.

Buy a large space memory card or external drive for saving a large number of shots. Auto backup external drive and cloud and bring a couple of extra batteries or power cable while shooting.

5. Focus and hold

Hold the mobile camera phone with both hands and use the shutter button right to get sharp pictures, although it comes with experience but keep practicing. Stay still until the picture is clicked and appears on the screen. Tap on the screen on the part of your image you want to focus on, which takes you to a perfect picture. This step removes the blur and ensures the picture clicked is in focus.

6. Flash

Flash is the most common feature available in smartphones, and its effect on pictures depends on how to use it. Flash is usually used when there isn’t enough light, especially during the dark when there is not enough detail shown while taking a picture.

Adding a little light from the flash significantly improves the images. While taking photographs outdoors, it’s a fantastic idea to turn on the flash as the light from the sun or other bright sources can create undesirable shadows. Using a flash can fill in the dark shadows and make the pictures look pretty.


Smartphones are pocketable yet portable to carry and provide the freedom to take pictures anywhere without lugging heavy camera equipment. To get high-quality images, apply these useful tips next time while taking a picture, and feel the difference.

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