6 Vital Serverless Plugins


Serverless plugins technology is becoming increasingly popular. They are vital tools for use on a static website. A serverless plugin enables the users to improve their framework’s central functionality. Your framework can include other commands from different sources. You’ll need a WordPress static site generator like FLATsite to install serverless plugins even without prior knowledge.

6 Vital Serverless Plugins

In this article, we will cover a list of 6 vital serverless plugins for your static website;

FLATsite’s Serverless Form Plugin

You can use the FLATsite Serverless Form plugin to overwrite other web forms actions from your serverless WordPress site backend. With this serverless plugin, you can change to static HTML to enhance responsiveness, website security, and page load speeds. It’s a highly responsive Serverless Forms plugin that can allow you to access multiple WordPress forms without necessarily using a database.

FLATsite Serverless Search plugin

FLATsite boasts of a serverless search plugin that’s free, and it’s not restricted to anyone. It’s an excellent choice if you are looking for ways to boost the performance of your static website. That’s because FLATsite Serverless search plugins provide an exceptional user experience, especially in search mode. The plugin matches most WordPress themes, and it’s highly responsive. The plugin has index files and lightweight scripts, allowing you to get instant search replacements plus widgets. Besides, a cache is optimized.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin- WPML

WordPress Multilingual Plugin will enable you to engage more audiences. It’s ideal for blogs and corporate sites. With the WPML plugin, you can translate pages, theme texts, menus, and posts. WPML supports several plugins and themes, not to mention that it works great with WordPress API. Furthermore, it’s perfect for multilingual SEO, offering you the best optimization in various languages.

WordPress YOAST SEO plugin

With YOAST SEO, your website can rank high in the search engines. It’s the best for managing your site’s SEO. A premium version of this type of plugin will unlock extra features, functionality, and tools. YOAST SEO is aimed at helping users utilize their websites to the maximum. Some YOAST SEO features include automated SEO improvements, faster loading speed, Meta and title description templates for improved branding and visual consistency.


This is a WordPress Ecwid plugin that’s perfect for static WordPress websites.  This way, you can advertise and sell your goods on your static website enabling you to use your WordPress functionality to the maximum. After installing, your website front-end will utilize the ‘Ecwid Buy Button’ to give your customers a perfect shopping experience.  Furthermore, the Ecwid plugin has in-built access to your Ecwid data saved in custom database tables. Besides, it’s SEO-optimized.


If your site aims at serving an international audience, you’ll need a multilingual website. Polylang refers to a multilingual serverless plugin for translating pages, categories, taxonomies, posts, tags, widgets and taxonomies, URLs, and more with a single click on your website. After installing this plugin, create languages and be sure to include a language switcher, then begin to translate for your audience.

Polylang is compatible with static WordPress sites and doesn’t need a lot of memory. It’s SEO friendly and can perfectly handle multilingual SEO.


If you need to boost the functionality of your static website, you should take advantage of the above essential Serverless plugins. However, for excellent user experience, improved security, and fast loading speed, consider using the FLATsite plugin to translate your site to static. 

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